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5 Ideal Tech Companies to Work for in 2016

When it comes to tech and the perks that come with it, Silicon Valley is the first pick. It always feels like a world of your own there. You have game rooms, nap pods, free lunch and higher-than-average salaries of course. Basically, if it is all on-the-go stuff and great, then it is worth a shot.

The tech industry has dominated the Glassdoor list of best companies to work for this year. This accounts for nearly half of the top 50 spots on the list. These companies cover a lot of costs and deliver on their perks. It is no wonder people prefer to work for them.

If you have your sights set for these tech companies, you’ll be golden.


Industry: Travel

This is a time of great celebrating because it is the first time Airbnb nabs the top spot. And this is also coming off a struggle with local regulators as well as a bad ad campaign in San Francisco. One of its best perks is that it offers maternity and paternity leaves that are higher than usual standards.

They also offer $2,000 annual travel stipendto their workers when using Airbnb lodging to travel.Other than that, they also offer free snacks and meals on a daily basis; happy hours; supported paid volunteer time and more.


Industry: Management consulting

This is a global management consulting firm that provides advisory services to nonprofit organizations, businesses, and governments. If the rating doesn’t give it away then perhaps their perks will. They provide an organic and supportive culture and they focus greatly on mentoring as well as learning.

The people over there are not only highly intelligent but are also fun and sincere. It gives you a chance to work with individuals from all over the world and from various cultures.


Industry: Computer Software and Hardware

An employee of Guidewireonce said this company hits the sweet spot between “big corporate culture” and “startup culture”. This simply means that old and fresh workers can get along quite nicely. You get to talk to anyone around there and get things done. The work environment is a breath of fresh air as well that is packed with nap pods and every-day meals on the fly.

The flexibility that you can get there is unbelievable. It gives teams and individuals plenty of options to choose what best works for them. Add that to the fact that you have a large support of the organization to back you up. You have it made here.


Industry: Internet, Computer Software and Hardware

Is there really anything bad about Google? Well, if you don’t mind putting in a large number of working hours just to get the results you want, then there’s really nothing to it. There is free breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner every weekday. Besides that, there are discounts, massage, and gym.

The people over there are really caring and the atmosphere is breathtaking.


Industry: Internet Marketing

HubSpot is a hot brand as it is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. The leadership offered by HubSpot is profound as it focuses greatly on employee growth in all divisions. Everything from tuition reimbursements to offering opportunitiesin order to take on challenges that isoutside of your forte.

The management, unlike most companies, listens to their employees and makes immediate changes to the structure if need be. That does really well to boost employee morale and loyalty. The working hours are flexible and the people over there are intelligent and fun to work with.

If the tech industry is where your heart beats the most with, then these companies should be on your radar.


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