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Creating protection plan for a small business

Just because your business is small does not mean in any ways that it is not vulnerable to BIG threats. As a matter of fact, small businesses are more vulnerable to thefts and corresponding losses. Thus, it becomes vital to have a plan of protection for your beloved business to safeguard it from disasters in the best possible way.

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Let us see how to go about for creating an appropriate security protection plan:

1. Thinking Process

It becomes imperative to address the security threats that a company comes across when it starts growing. Be it, tangible assets or intangible ones such as data, you need to shield each and everything. Moreover, as more employees and vendors get involved, more are the number of access points for criminals both, on and off the web. Here, security plan turns out to be substantial to identify the vulnerabilities and to develop strategies accordingly. Although the plan would vary from company to company which you can see here, however, there are certain things that are basic ones for all small-businesses and should top the list of your protection plan:

  • Employees
  • Physical assets.
  • Inventory
  • Sensitive data (e.g., personal, business or classified information).

In order to alleviate potential risks, you may also think of getting professional help. An expert can help you craft a plan that befits your organizational system. Thorough and regular audits would also help you get rid of vulnerabilities at every stage.

2. Shielding Tangible Assets

A successful business protection plan can only be made after you have assessed the two things closely, namely, inventory and location of your business. This assessment exercise will help you to determine the features that should be included in the plan.

Following are the tangible assets that you can start with:

  • Video Surveillance Systems:  It helps in keeping track of all the activities taking place in your business area. Irrespective of the fact that you are in the workplace or not, security cameras would give you all the details from who entered the restricted area to whom is taking extra coffee breaks. The footage captured by surveillance cameras can be used to go through and verify things, if required, later in time too.
  • Automation System: To secure the office premises, it is very significant to have scheduled lighting and locking facilities. This not only aids to keep the burglars and criminals at bay, but would also help to cut down on the electricity bills (as people may forget to switch off the lights before leaving).
  • Monitored Alarms:  The main objective of alarm system is to take instant action at the time of urgency. You have the liberty to customize these systems too. For instance, smoke detectors can be integrated with alarm systems to notify the fire department in case of emergency. Similarly, these systems can also convey break-ins to the police department, thereby, leading to the necessary course of steps.
  • Mobile Alerts:  You can sync the above mentioned systems with your mobile phone too, and download the respective apps to receive instant information.  Whenever there would be a security breach, an alert would be sent to your smart phone. No matter where you are on earth or what you are doing, once the alarm is triggered, you will be informed there and then.

3. Insulating Digital Data

Lack of digital security can be devastating for a business and the smart owner is the one who comprehends that those digital assets are as important as physical ones.

A few years back, many mid-sized enterprises were cyber-attacked just because they didn’t pay much heed to the security threats and took no necessary measures to get them covered. These vulnerable organizations suffered through major losses. It takes expertise to save your business data and believe me, it’s not that easy!

As you all would agree that data is critical to any business, thus, it is of utmost importance to implement the latest security measures. Once you build up a strong infrastructure taking care of all the loopholes, the hacker will find it is difficult to hack your system and would move on to the other victim. So, secure your digital data by making it hack proof.


Each business is distinct and hence, the plan ought to vary from one enterprise to another. The above points will help create the basic outline and further on, you may customize it as per your business requirements. So, just don’t wait anymore and make a start!

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Acknowledged for his security acumen, Ted Yu is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. Having 10 years of experience to his credit, Ted has always been a pertinent contributor towards the security industry with his area of expertise into the surveillance systems domain. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well renowned security products manufacturer and retailer.

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