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StickerRide’s Survey Provides New Ways to Boost Outdoor Advertising

StickerRide, the company that uses your car as a moving billboard for money, has recently announced the results from a survey carried out by the company in the US, focusing on trends and opportunities in outdoor advertising. It was StickerRide’s first-ever survey in the country, and its findings suggest consumers are bored by the conventional billboards, but excited by new formats.

If you are not familiar, StickerRide is a mobile app and on-vehicle advertising platform which brands and drivers for their mutual benefits. The drivers get an opportunity to become the brand ambassadors and earn money to pay for their gas, parking, and car wash. In the same time increase their target audience through an unusual form of outdoor advertising.

The survey’s results itself include responses from over 400 US consumers, all aged 18 up with an equal split in gender. 52% stated that they see outdoor advertising “all the time”, and another 25% said they see it “quite often”. Still, another interesting finding is how differently consumers perceive various advertising formats.

Participants were shown three pairs of outdoor advertisements, with each pair consisting of one traditional billboard and one new-format outdoor advertisement – in this case, an edgy sticker shown on the side of a car. Both ads in each pair promoted the same product and, interestingly enough, the vast majority preferred the latter option.
Inside this subject, billboards vs new formats, 51% of consumers used the word “conventional” to describe billboard advertising, while almost 10% went further and used the word “boring”. When asked to describe on-vehicle advertising with one word, 38% went with “unusual”, 36% with “catchy” and 13% with “appealing”.

Mikhail Marchenko, co-founder of StickerRide, commented on how these results should be interpreted within the outdoor advertising landscape, and his company’s role in it:

“In an increasingly crowded advertising landscape, finding a format that catches consumers’ eyes is more important than ever. These survey results show that outdoor advertising has the potential to do just that, but only if it is done in unique, cutting-edge ways. Conventional simply is not going to cut it anymore.

We are excited to be showing ads in a way that excites consumers. By doing so, we are offering advertisers a new channel for increasing brand awareness and engagement. And brands do not just have to take our word for it. Outdoor advertising is eye-catching and supported by digital tools and hard numbers. The proof is in the metrics.”

Analyzing the results of this survey, we can easily conclude that the public seems to be validating StickerRide’s new and innovative take on outdoor advertising. It allows for an improved consumer engagement and high audience reach, and its app offers publishers the possibility to manage campaigns in real-time campaign management, as well as analytics.

The result-oriented approach lying behind the new technology brings one of the key benefits of StickerRide platform. Drivers who install a brand’s sticker on their car become loyal ambassadors. They choose only the brand they feel really loyal to, and one they can happily recommend to others. On the other hand, advertisers work with true brand ambassadors who are eager to advertise their products or services.

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