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Seven Must-Have Apps for Business Travelers

The working world has changed significantly with the advent of computers and the Internet. More business people than ever are now traveling and working as a common, daily task.

Employees might travel on occasion as they visit other offices or conventions, whereas other workers perform consulting duties across the globe. Freelance professionals also fit into this mold.

All of these professionals need to be as organized as possible throughout their days. Organization and professional success are possible with the use of these apps for the busy, business traveler.


If you’ve ever tried to organize a team meeting from a remote location, you understand the obstacles involved with this scenario. Miscommunication can be common, but with Asana you can connect with your team even when you travel.


Asana gives you the ability to lay out a list of duties, their deadlines and assigned personnel through this app, so everyone will know what to do. Your team can be as small as two individuals or as large as a few dozen.

You can create conversation threads through Asana as well. Every person’s contribution can be read and responded to without anyone missing a beat. Morale will quickly rise when a team can act as such through the Asana app.


Creating expense reports for each business trip can take hours if you have a lot of line items. However, you can keep track of every item with the Concur app.


Input your expenses, and the app creates a page layout that tracks the expense movement. You can also stay on top of expenses that you’re still gaining approval on while reminding yourself of pending payments from last month’s expenses.

To make the process even easier than ever, you can upload receipts to the app. They’ll be quickly read and allocated to the right spreadsheet. As a result, you’ll only spend a minimal amount of time on your expenses while concentrating on the tasks ahead.


Car rentals, flight information, and hotel reservations can become a blur when you travel on a constant basis. You can keep every detail in one place on your smartphone or tablet by using the TripIt app. With one tap and swipe of this app, you can access your travel itinerary without flipping through a binder full of printed-out information.


The app uses the confirmation emails from your bookings to track and notify you of each day’s travel plans. You can pick out a car or a new airline seat by using this app. You’ll be more organized than ever with this app in your pocket.


There are flurries of action when you attend a trade show in your industry. You meet direct customers and vendors all within the same day. The connections that you make can form bonds that boost a business upward for many years. Keeping track of those encounters, however, can be difficult. That’s when Handshake comes into play.


You can set up orders for a client or vendor with a touch of the finger in the Handshake app. One client may request a sample, or you might set up a meeting with a prospective vendor. All of this information can be used within the app to remain organized and professional at all times.

The Weather Channel

It’s difficult to travel when you don’t know what the weather is going to throw at you. When planning a trip, checking out the forecast for the next couple of days is wise. If you’re a business person prone to more adventurous travel, such as camping in the wild or going on sea voyages, then knowing what weather awaits you is crucial for personal safety.


You’re definitely going to travel safely if you access the Weather Channel app on your device. Pick your destination so that you can see the temperature highs, lows, and other information. Allergy sufferers appreciate the included pollen count in the app. You’ll be able to skirt those questionable weather areas in order to remain efficient on the road too.


You can drive like a local when you have the Waze app. It’s a traffic app with a twist. You’ll receive information about the area from locals. They’ll tell you the best detours to take while pointing out curious facts about the area.


Avoid being late to those meetings and impress your boss with a lower gasoline bill at the end of the business trip. Intelligent commuting is easy with the right app in your hand.



With 100 million users across the globe, Docusign is an app that has to be on your device. It allows you to accept a signature on a legal document. The information can be transmitted anywhere in the world, which streamlines deals that span across hemispheres. You’ll be able to secure those lucrative deals without faxing or flying paperwork between locations.

Final Word

Whether you download one or all of these apps, rest assured they will help you stay on top of meetings and appointments. Traveling is rough on the mind and body, but it can be easier with technology leading your way. At the end of the day, you’ll have more time to concentrate on your needs as business duties are completed and prioritized without much hassle.


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