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Why I chose blogs over mainstream media..

Here are five reasons why I chose blogs over mainstream media.
1. The Urgency.
For me, the source of most of my immediate search queries come from blog results. Funnily, my source of entertainment drifts towards reading blogs too. Personally, I find bloggers more opinionated but still very unbiased and true. The way they present their content is raw, real and immediate. This sense of urgency to share with the world makes content more palatable. These facts could be true otherwise but more often than not mainstream media is always tainted with an agenda and a propaganda. They’re always pointing to a direction that their viewers should think. Always selling something, a person, a propaganda, a product even.
2. Raw.
Blogs could be perceived as the “raw uncut” version of people. This makes them great reads. They’re easy to consume and most important of all; they connect and feel real. Blogs  don’t really have to be all true or just news. They project this raw translation of the imagination which is refreshing and delightful.
3. Unviable
There are a lot of subjects and true stories that mainstream media feel are unviable or unprofitable. Since blogs have a very low or sometimes even zero operational and distribution cost;blogs can tell a lot of stories that you would never know on social media. Moreover, blogs bring the stories from the website into social media. Most of the content and stories on social media that are shared are from blogs.
4. Balance
Blogs could be perceived as more of a loose canon or trigger happy person rattling of content from his living room. The truth is that blogs are very rarely at the extremes of the spectrum. Bloggers pick up topics that are very personal to them. A majority of bloggers are actually industry experts and they are sometimes featured in mainstream media too. Blogs can often be more credible than mainstream media and strike that beautiful balance between conspiracy and news headlines. Blogs are misunderstood quite often; viewers look at blogs as erratic or probably bloggers venting their frustrations against a major corporation. Meanwhile, mainstream media often pick their stories by researching blogs. Mainstream media can be quite eccentric or extreme because they feel that all stories are not “news worthy”. Some bloggers have found this sweet spot. They are clever at writing about stories that are searched for and shared. Topics don’t always have to be news headline material.
5. Honest
To sum it all. We do need mainstream media. The content might not always be the most credible but we imagine it to be. We’d like to say that blogs keep mainstream media in check and help them be more honest.
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