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How to Write Corporate Posts

Corporate blogs are in trend, many companies successfully use them to promote products, resolve users’ complaints, get feedback on products and services, and so on. But how to make sure your company does need a corporate blog? And, what’s more important – how to make it popular? The management may not forgive you misuse of funds, so be sure you have a clear strategy before launching the blog.

To make things easier, let’s review the main goals and ideas for corporate posts along with Lucy Adams, a diligent essay writer.


Why do Companies Need a Corporate Blog

Fairly speaking, a blog is a status-maker. It forms a halo of an expert around the company, generates new visitors, increases the trust of potential customers, and indirectly increases sales. In addition, depending on the niche, the blog can be a portfolio of the brand (for example, if you sell marketing services in social networks or conduct corporate blogs).

Howbeit, a corporate blog is a very powerful and effective marketing weapon of mass destruction that you just can’t ignore. To finally convince you of the expediency of corporate blogging, let’s consider its main advantages.

#1 Increasing Your Target Audience

Blog continuously generates an inflow of new potential customers from search engines and social networks. Of course, it needs to fulfill several requirements:

  • You should optimize each article in accordance with the requests of the target audience.
  • You should carry out Social Media Marketing.
  • You should publish valuable content.

#2 Forming an Expert Status

The key point here is the value that carries the content of your corporate blog. Simply put, this is the free information that helps to solve problems of your target audience.

One of the most common mistakes is a belief that if you write in details the solution of the problem, people will solve it by themselves instead of ordering your services. Actually, that’s not true.

  • When you give people solutions to their problems, they see that you know a lot about the business, thereby you add points to your trust level. People are likely to collaborate with companies that look credible in their eyes. Thus, don’t be afraid of disclosure of “confidential information.”

#3 Customer Loyalty Increase

It’s all about trust. When you clearly demonstrate your abilities, skills, and results, asking nothing in return, you get a value far greater than money. You get loyalty. The niche does not matter – marketing, real estate, medicine – whatever!

#4 Indirect Sales Increase

The solution of this problem stems from the previous two. You position yourself as an expert, and you get trust. Of course, it’s much easier to sell products to the loyal audience because many questions just don’t arise.

It turns out as a system: the blog generates a stream of new prospective customers and makes them loyal, indirectly selling your products and services.

#5 New Partnerships

An expert status increases the overall popularity of the company and attracts a lot of new people and ideas, ranging from the joint actions and projects to speeches at conferences. In fact, new partnerships also indirectly increase the profit.

#6 Promotion of the Ideas

A popular corporate blog is your own media. This is a very powerful tool to bring either benefit or harm. For example, you exclusively supply a well-known but improved with a new technology product. Talking about the technology and product improvements, you automatically set the tone of the game in the market: buyers are starting the search for a superior product. As a result, nobody but you skim the cream off.

#7 Beating the Competition

Finally, one of the most important tasks of corporate posts is to stand out from the competition. Just imagine: have a corporate blog with 5000 visitors per day while your competitor don’t.  Of course, your opinion gets weight while the words of competitors seem to be unsubstantiated.

Well, another question is how to lead the corporate blog. What kind of content works better?


A Corporate Post that Sells

#1 High Value

The information on the blog should bring real practical value to the target audience. For example, if you provide legal services, be sure to solve specific problems of readers in each article. The more valuable the information, the more people will share it and the more new reader you will get.

If you publish company news and achievements, try to somehow connect them to something valuable. In most cases, nobody cares what’s going on inside your company. At the same time, if you’re going to launch a new line of products, be sure to write a separate post as such info directly benefits the audience.

#2 Altruism

Of course, the ultimate purpose of your blog is sales increase. However, direct selling of goods and services is quite an ineffective strategy. According to research, it’s much better to solve people’s problems for free, not asking for anything in turn. This trick activates a very powerful psychological trigger, the essence of which is that the customer believes that it was his idea to collaborate with your brand.

The feeling of compulsory sale can ruin your promo campaign! Don’t be too obtrusive!

#3 Relevant and Interesting Content

Use Google Trends to collect the most popular and relevant questions. Alternate your blog posts between keyword-based papers and articles that provide interesting information or answers to relevant questions (lifehacks, facts you didn’t know, “how to,” etc.).

#4 Feedback

A corporate blog is a very effective tool to identify the main needs of the target audience. If the subject is contradictory, then it can start an exciting discussion that will help you to adjust your marketing strategy.


I hope the information was useful to you and will help you not just to increase sales through corporate blogging, but also to get satisfaction from the process of creating valuable materials. Good luck in business!


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