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StickerRide is the Uber of On-Car Advertisement

If we try to explain what Uber is, as simply as possible, we can say that it is an high tech taxi service. But, in reality, it is much more than that – Uber gave the opportunity for lots of people to have their own jobs, as its drivers work as much as they see fit.

So, and even if Uber was not the true pioneer in this, it is the company responsible for bringing this contracting method to the spotlight. Since then, there are many services using that method (even some companies that are direct competitors). One of them is StickerRide, the first advertisement platform and mobile app that connects brands with drivers.


StickerRide offers targeted and efficient on-vehicle advertising, being the absolute first in the industry of advertisement. It has recently reached the American market, starting with the Los Angeles area. Being used by over 40,000 drivers worldwide, it has secure some huge clients, from different fields such as banking, telecom and film.

Putting things simply again, StickerRide works like Uber, where drivers make their cars available to get vinyls placed and publicize brands or products around the cities. The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, gamifies the whole experience, as it offers rewards, thus increasing the engagement and commitment of drivers.

StickerRide gives brands a new and truly innovative opportunity to expose their brands to consumers, also featuring modern digital tracking tools and analytics, for them to manage their campaigns in real-time. This provides advertisers a new level of transparency and effectiveness on their campaigns, unlike many other publicity media. Christian T. Lundgren, CEO of StickerRide US, commented on this:

“The outdoor advertising market offers brands a unique opportunity to sidestep cluttered, noisy digital channels. In fact, IBISWorld’s most recent industry report noted it provides rare access to a mass market, which is any brand’s dream. Unfortunately, outdoor advertising – and on-vehicle advertising in particular – have, in many ways, been stuck in the stone ages. That is where StickerRide comes in.”

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