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6 Must-See Devices for Fitness and Sports Enthusiast

The days where it was just you struggling against the road, pumping iron, or swimming laps are long over. Technology has completely changed the game, giving us tools to have a better understanding of our bodies, our fitness regime and what we need to do to get motivated and stay that way.

With so many gadgets coming out every month, it’s hard to know what you need to look at, however. For that reason, today, let’s explore some of the coolest gadgets out there and what they can do for you.

Finis Neptune


Almost everybody listens to music as they work out. It gives them something to focus on rather than the pain of running that extra mile, for example. The only group that really lost out in that regard were the swimmers.

Now those days are over. The Finis Neptune lets you listen to music even as you swim. And it doesn’t even plug into your ear! Instead it conducts music through the bone, which gives you a much better sound quality and still lets you enjoy the swirl and swish of the water as it rushes by.

It almost makes me want to take up swimming!



As cyclists know, checking your stats isn’t just a hassle, it can be dangerous. What you really need is a heads up display. But that’s just something for the future, you say? Yes it is. Except that the future is now.

Watch where you’re going, keep your hands on the wheel and still know all your stats and all your information. You can voice prompt the device to give you your speed your heart rate, cadence as well as power.



Weight loss is about what’s coming in and what’s going out. We’re all already focused terribly on what’s going out through power training, endurance training and more. Now we can track better how much is going in, as well.

HAPIfork allows us to know if we’re eating too fast, how long we’re eating for as well as how many forkfuls we’re consuming per minute. Useful information if you’re one of those people who, rather than chewing on their food, has a tendency to just inhale it and move on.

Umoro One


You know how you have to carry around multiple sport drink bottles in order to make sure you get enough water as well as to get the protein at the end of your workout? Annoying isn’t it? Particularly if you’re bought at least a little bit into this gadget craze and are loaded down with enough electronics to qualify as a cyborg.

Well, in that case it’s time to buy an Umoro One. Here, the protein mix can be added with the push of a button. This means you can use it as a regular water bottle throughout you work out and then have your protein mix afterwards.

It’s like having your protein mix and eating it too.



This gadget is only for the serious sport lovers. Mount it on your snowboard, surfboard or trick bike and keep tracks of the tricks you’ve landed, the speed you’ve managed to reach as well as how much air you got.

Yes, that’s right, the way that you can measure the awesomeness of your action sports is finally here. Who care about calories burned when you can track how many feet you were airborne?

Sensoria Smart Sock


Do you really need a smart sock? Yes, yes you do. Because the place where runners are the most likely to suffer injuries in the ankle and that’s exactly that portion of the body where the smart sock can measure and give you an understanding of what’s going on. It doesn’t just protect you from injury, either. It will also help you improve over time.

And we all know the health and brain benefits of sports improve over time. So that’s winning all around, wouldn’t you say? Good for sprinters and marathon runners alike, this tool will mean you’ll strain your ankles less and let your career last longer.

As for the million dollar question, yes it is washable and comfortable to boot, so you won’t be offending anybody when you take your shoes off to gather your data.


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