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MilesWeb vs HostGator – Which Hosting Provider is Good for Your Website?

Webservers are what determine where a website is going to be a year from now. Well when you talk about the “servers” you don’t talk just about the “Servers”, instead it’s a mix of almost all the factors which will determine your sites future.

Let’s say the speed, user-friendliness, theme support and a lot of other things come from the servers themselves. So yup servers? You need them, and you need good ones.

So that’s the reason today, I’m comparing two of the India’s best hosting providers in the industry for you. I’d just list out the most important factors that come into consideration when you’re talking about servers, and then you can choose the one which fits your needs the best.

Hostgator Vs MilesWeb


Storage Space

MilesWeb offers you Unlimited hosting and the plan for the unlimited space starts from as low as $3.50/month, While the plan with Unlimited Space on Hostgator, the “Baby plan” costs you around $8.50 straight out!

Well yeah, both of them are offering me Unlimited space, but with MilesWeb I’ve to pay only $3.50/month while it’s more than double the price with Hostgator.

Now, I have a big site and I need lots of space, so yeah as far as Space is concerned, I’d say my choice is MilesWeb for now.

But hey, just the space doesn’t determine anything right? Let’s look into some more of the factors.

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb offers you a FREE SSL certificate even with their Economy plan! Meaning this is the lowest possible plan and costs you as low as $20/YEAR! Well yeah that’s cheaper than your cup of coffee I know.

But you don’t get a FREE SSL even with the BABY plan from Hostgator. Instead for the Free SSL you’ve to go with the Buisness plan, which is around $72! That’s like more than 3 times the price with MilesWeb! For exactly the same service.

So yeah for now Hostgator looks extremely expensive, and without any special privilege! (Duh! I know!)

cPanel & Softaculous

Cpanel is the easiest and most user friendly server management solution out there isn’t it? Now this is the only playing field where I found both the companies to be neck to neck competitors.

Well yeah both Hostgator and MilesWeb offer you an interactive Cpanel for you to host your files and it’s loaded with the one click CMS installer Softaculous too!

Free Website Builders

Both the companies have established themselves as “Web hosting providers” so of course they couldn’t miss this point out.

Both of them offer advanced website builder tools free of cost with all of their hosting plans!


This is one of the most crucial parts about choosing your company, isn’t it? For me it is. Because I’m no coding geek or something and I screw up things often.

But I’m not the kind of guy who can afford my site being down for a week either. So yeah I need instant support! And that’s something MilesWeb got me!

They offered me support over Call, Email and Live Chat! I prefer the live chat as it’s so much simpler and free and real-time!

While with Hostgator, they focus mostly on their Help forums/support groups, and there is long waiting time on their live chat option.

So support? MilesWeb takes this point.

Server Location

Well where your servers are based makes a big deal as to what will be your site speed and other metrics. Guess what, MilesWeb has it’s servers in some of the best possible locations around the globe!

India , UK, US  & Romania! All these countries have been invaded and colonised (although in  a positive sense) by MilesWeb! 

Final Words

So if you ask me, I’d say that if I compare both the companies, it becomes evident that Milesweb does have certain edges over Hostgator.

Specifically that it doesn’t cost a fortune and provides the same service and features to us. So as long as I don’t get listed on Forbes, I’m looking for “quality for money” things, and well Milesweb? It’s exactly that.

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