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Bool – The best French game, now on your mobile!


A mixture of pool and French boules, the new mobile game is now available on App Store.

PARIS – June 2016 – The team at Voodoo is pleased to announce the release of Bool, a turn-based, ball-swiping game inspired by the French classic jeu “pétanque”. The all-new, colorful and elegantly designed game is an innovative and enjoyable addition to both the strategy and the arcade genres.

In only one week the game got a 4,5 rating, gained more than 200 000 downloads and was featured in 90 countries! And more than that, Bool instantly became a favourite on French Apple Store. Our question is, can you beat the French at what they’re best at?

The premise is simple: each player has three shots to get as close as possible to the target, avoiding traps and obstacles. Bool works very intuitively: the intensity of the shot and its direction are based on the length and the direction of the swipe, carefully controlled by the user. The game allows players to compete against random opponents, or better yet, challenge their Facebook friends. Bet virtual coins and use strategy to change the game’s result and win a fortune. In-app purchases are also available for users to unlock new maps and levels.


A little bit of history: from pétanque, to bocce to Bool, games that will take you to France.

The history of ball-throwing games, where players compete with each other to come as close as possible to a defined target, dates back to the ancient Greeks. Among its ancients players was Roman Emperor Julius Caesar himself.

Bool was inspired by pétanque, the classic French boules-type game, invented at the beginning of the century in La Ciotat, a small town on the French Riviera.

Preserving the original rules of the Provençal ballgame, Bool combines turn-based strategy with a familiar interface and a clever minimalistic design.

The game will remind non-French audiences of a cool cousin of Curling; lose the ice and the brush, substitute heavy stones with bouncing balls, replace the curling sheets with engaging maps and you have Bool.

A true technical innovation

What makes Bool a major project for Voodoo is not only the shift in genre, but also the impressive work of technical innovation behind the development of the new app. Voodoo’s solution was to use a free, open-source Google tool: j2objc (


J2objc is a “transpiler”: a tool which translates code from one language to another; in this case, from Java to Objective-C. This enabled the developers to write the whole business logic in Java, so as to use it for both Android and iOS. With j2objc, both developers and players can benefit from the advantages of native and hybrid apps at the same time

About Voodoo

Voodoo was founded in 2013 by lifetime friends Alexandre Yazdi and Laurent Ritter. In the same year, Voodoo launched its first game in France, Quiz Run, a fast-paced trivia game formerly known as SqueeZ’me. After a name change, co-founders started a successful crowd equity campaign on WeLikeStartup that raised €280,000, a capital the company put to use to expand internationally. Today Quiz Run is available in 20 countries and in 6 languages, has more than 10 million downloads and be sure of it, Voodoo team is just getting started!

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