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Top Four Time-Saving Apps For Real Estate Agents

For busy real estate agents, time is their most precious commodity. With client meetings, showings, closings, and everything in between, little time is left for the administrative management work necessary to effectively run a business.

Successful agents have to stay in touch with existing and potential clients, keep contacts organized and up to date, and manage their listings. Even the most organized agents and brokers can struggle to manually handle these activities. Automating these operations elevates your business and frees up time to focus on more important tasks.

This is why agents need the best tools and technology to maximize their time and focus on the most strategic tasks and opportunities. With the right tools in place, they can emphasize the important work of engaging with clients and focusing on listings, while knowing important functions like lead generation and client communication are not being forgotten.

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Here are four innovative tools that are helping real estate agents automate their business and better manage their schedules. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Cinc

Why spend your time validating, confirming, and (at times) second-guessing leads, when there’s an app that can do that for you. With Cinc, you can manage leads on-the-go, allowing you to view and manage your pipeline, prioritizing the leads with the most potential to turn into meaningful clients and business opportunities.

This lead generation tool helps you connect with potential clients at every stage of the real estate lifecycle, whether they are just getting started or are close to making a purchasing decision. Cinc also helps you retain clients by ensuring you’re staying top of mind no matter where they are in the process. With automated reminders to be sure you’re staying front and center with these contacts, you can be certain no one is forgotten or left off your contact list, ensuring you are staying top of mind.

2. Close

Close is a CRM with some of the best-in-market communication tools built right in with the goal of helping you work faster and smarter. The centralized dashboard has functionality built-in for texting and email right on the platform as well as a call feature that syncs directly to your phone.

By keeping all of these communication functions in one convenient dashboard, Close can save you time and help you automate your messaging, keeping you from having to bounce from different devices. With an innovative user interface, it is one of the simplest platforms for organizing your communications. The tool creates a sales workflow for you to operate from to ensure you are getting the most from your pipeline at each stage of the listing process.

3. Showing Pro

A one-of-a-kind resource from Pro Agent Solutions, Showing Pro automates the process of capturing realtor feedback. Rather than spending time trying to jot down notes or call buyers’ agents, Showing Pro makes things simple by downloading real estate showings and sending custom feedback questions directly to buyers’ agents by text and email.

Listing agents are automatically sent and can control how their sellers receive the information. This seamless information sharing accomplishes two goals: saving time in connecting with realtors and prospective buyers, and garnering genuine, unfiltered feedback for sellers.

In this type of automated survey, prospective buyers are more likely to provide honest constructive feedback. In turn, this can be used by agents to sell more homes.

4. SparkRental

When you take a rental listing, use SparkRental to publish the listing ad on eight websites simultaneously. Then as prospects contact you, you can use the same app to collect rental applications and tenant screening reports and charge the cost of reports directly to the applicants.

Once you or your client approves a tenant, you can import their details into a state-specific lease agreement, and even set up automated online rent collection for your client. And in the coming months, they even plan to start reporting those rent payments to the credit bureaus.

Summing up

The real estate market changed a lot during COVID-19 with real estate agents shifting to tech like Zoom to show prospective buyers and renters homes. Now, more than ever, real estate agents are adopting PropTech to automate their businesses, showcase, home with virtual tours, and automate everything from managing leads to communicating with their customers.

Looking to the future, it will be interesting to see how the PropTech market evolves in the next 10 years. One thing remains clear after the remnants of the pandemic have settled, new disruptive tech is likely to be introduced into the property market. Then, a big question to think about is this, what will the next disruptive PropTech be?

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