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Being an Android developer from scratch – Essential tips and tricks

Mobile apps have increased manifold as majority of the people use such applications in their day-to-day lives. Whether it is taking care of their health or their finances, there’s an app for almost everything under the sun. People throughout the globe are linked with each other in an interesting way by using their apps. Keeping in mind this aspect, mobile app development has been predicted to be one of the best computer jobs available in the industry. But who is the mastermind behind such apps? Whose brainchild is it? Definitely, they have been invented and developed by the Android app developers who spend their whole day designing and creating new apps to please the audience.

In case you’re a wannabe Android developer, you should have noticed by now that there are thousands of Android apps available in the Play Store. While some apps are blessed with awesome reviews, there are some others which lack attention and aren’t blessed with huge downloads. So, what should you do as a precautionary measure to avert such a drought? The concerns of this article will be covering some of the great tips and tricks that you need to follow to become an Android app developer.

  1. You got to excel in basic programming language: If you wish to excel as a professional android developer, you should have knowledge on the basic programming language like XML, JAVA and CSS. When it comes to Android app development, JAVA is considered as the basic language used for programming and in this manner learning perfect JAVA should be a definite choice which can assist you in overall development. Having knowledge in these areas will help you learn faster and easier.
  2. Follow the guidelines of Android designing: Google has taken enough liberty in making a set of guidelines which needs to be followed by every intelligent app developer. Though there are developers who prefer not to follow such guidelines, it is indeed crucial for you to follow them. When you follow such norms and conditions, users not only find it easier to comprehend the way in which your app works, they will even enjoy using it more. The navigation drawer has become pretty common in most apps and can also be considered common in Android apps too.
  3. Pay attention to user input: One of the best ways in which you can enhance the functioning of your app is by paying attention to user input. Users would love it when the developers ask them about their feedback and then apply what they said to their apps. If you wish to go through user input, you need to focus on reviews that you find on Google Play Store. Users will continue using your app when they’re happy with the services and if they don’t accept you, you won’t exist.
  4. Surround yourself with Android devices: Not only should you be extremely aware of the different sorts of Android news in the industry but you should also immerse yourself into Android. You would be rather surprised to see the large number of Android developers who don’t use Android themselves. Participate in the Android community at large and also join sites like Google+. This way you can improve your abilities as a potential Android developer.

Hence, if you’re in love with the Android OS and you would like to excel in the field of Android app development, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips and tricks. The more you follow the trends, the higher will be the chances of emerging successful.

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