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Does Web Design Really Make a Big Difference in Creating a Solid Brand Identity?

Have you ever thought what does a brand really mean? It is a symbol, logo design, packaging, in fact an overall representation of your business. It is everything that enables your clients to remember your brand and retain the identity of your services and products. But the point is, how do you integrate your corporate brand identity with your business website design? The web design and your branding are deeply connected to each other, but how? Here are a few valid points that will help you relate your website design to your corporate brand identity.


Consistency is the Key to Successful Branding

Obviously, you will not post the pictures of food on your financial management, business website, as it is totally weird and will depict your brand as nonsense. You might have noticed how branding companies use the consistent color scheme in overall web content and background, and the same type of pictures on all the landing pages. This is just because to create the persistent brand image. To be brief, utilizing your web design smartly in order to create a consistent corporate image makes your brand outstanding – for sure.

Color Plays a Key Role in Branding

Colors can’t only be used for aesthetics, they can play a major role in stimulating different emotions. Each color carries a deep meaning and has ability to convey the message in a more clear way. If you love a local fashion store, you might have noticed how it uses the color scheme in its all branding efforts. All the social media channels, most importantly the corporate website, should be filled with soft, appealing colors in the background. The use of soft, relaxing color palette initiates the urge to make purchases whenever you are in need; it helps you recall the corporate identity. This is the reason why web design companies maintain a consistent color scheme overall on their web designs. It is something that helps customers connect to their brand, straight away.

Focus on Web Content

Corporate branding is not simply what you say or offer, it is all about how you convey it. The right words can increase conversion rates significantly. The conversion rate depends on the number of people who visited the website actually made a decision to buy. Bad call to actions or offensive phrases can kill your brand and give you bad PR too. You should carefully go through the website content to avoid any inconvenience.

Logo Design Positioning

The most perfect placement of logo designs is the top left corner of the website. This is the position where most people will first look at. However, it can also be used in the footer. If you are using your brand logo as a watermark in the middle of the page, it is advised to stay with that design choice throughout the landing pages to reflect consistency.

Corporate Personality

The overall web design truly reflects the brand identity of your business. If your brand is all about dedication and customer satisfaction, then your website must reflect these attributes. Despite of using irrelevant and extraneous phrases, you can use interesting call to action to make the site more interactive and inviting. If your company caters to professionals, then your website should be serious as well.

These are a few basic ways that clearly describe how web design and branding are interrelated. Build your brand by using unique ideas and giving it a real presence through a professional web design. It is even a safe option to have professional help from corporate branding agencies who understand the importance of the brand more than you.

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