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What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Smartphones in 2016

With 2015 coming to an end, we can see that the year has been pretty satisfying regarding smartphones. Especially on the Android side, we’ve seen some devices come quite close to what Apple has been able to offer on the iOS side, and the competition is more fierce than ever. The comparisons come down to details more than ever, and perhaps some critics would say that the offers in 2015, despite being good, were a bit too similar.

However, 2016 could mean an entirely different set of results. The latest technology news and rumors concerning a possible iPhone 7 seem to point in the direction of some major changes in areas such as design and features. Then, if the competition on the Android side wants to keep up, we’re certainly going to see some changes on these devices as well. Obviously, it would look pretty lackluster for Android phone makers to put out a simple update while Apple comes out with some major improvements and new flashy features. Good things are certainly expected in 2016 for Android phones, and let’s now speculate some more about the upcoming trends.



HTC has put out a complete product in 2015, and we’re looking forward to a new model in 2016, most likely called the M10. Hopefully, the phone keeps the quality design that made this year’s edition such a good buy and improved in key areas like the battery. This line from HTC is one to look for in 2016, simply because it already owns some of the qualities that are more likely to become important in the future, such as great speakers and a dynamic management of what your phone shows. The M9 can change your view depending on your location and activities, and hopefully, we see more from such a concept in 2016. A multitask phone needs to be quick and smart, and HTC seems to be on track to deliver just that.

OnePlus 3

If you’ve looked at the new phones of 2015, the OnePlus 2 probably caught your attention. You may not know that a OnePlus 3 was coming just yet, but rumors are starting to circulate about it. Some of the comments released around it suggest quite a bold and ambitious new version, which would be right in line to compete with a more different iPhone 7. This seems to be another company that’s preparing to make the world news headlines with some impressive new features. The OnePlus can then hopefully go from the alternative to one of the main options when it comes to smartphones.

New Microsoft phone

A new Microsoft phone that we may not know about is likely to come to show up, and with the latest devices that have gotten success, things look quite promising. Most likely we are to obtain a new phone from Microsoft that will be more relevant than ever when it comes to working on the road.


ASUS is obviously a company to trust when it comes to computer parts, and right as cellphones start to act more and more as computers, you might not have known that Asus is now looking to deliver a strong offer on the mobile market in 2016. When looking to try a new brand during the next year, keep an eye on their next release. The Zenfone is considered as cool and unique, and good for photography. Asus looks to deliver when it comes to specs as well and give you all the hardware you need for the next year.


This other lesser known company in some parts of the world is looking to push things to another level with even better performances than the competition. If looking to run some demanding apps or tasks, the Xiaomi could become an interesting option for you come 2016. Xiaomi is a Chinese company that’s looking to expand on its success all around the world, and obviously has some numbers behind it to make it gain more trust from customers.


And finally, Nextbit will also be a company to watch in 2016 with concepts that show more originality than the competition. The cloud is becoming a major component of our mobile experience, but also a source of some worries, but Nextbit Robin sounds like a phone that will put some of those concerns to rest with the secure and smart usage of the cloud all around.


Did you get what you were looking for in 2015? If not, 2016 looks to have some answers for you. From 4k video to fingerprints and better hardware, it sounds like we will get some devices worth our money. The trend looks to point towards more ambitious phones than we’ve seen this year, and that can only be a good thing.



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