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Mobile Payroll App: Your Passkey to Employee Empowerment

Today, there are approx. 1.75 billion (fast growing) users of smartphones in the entire world. These people use different types of mobile apps on daily basis for everything right from ordering a pizza to sales or marketing purposes. So payroll is simply not an exception.

HR managers and executives are often baffled with several challenges when it comes to boosting operational efficiency and offering improved services to employees. This is a common glitch with most of the start-ups and SMEs all across the globe.

Nothing works great than apps for a dynamic and on-the-go interfacing. Legacy payroll systems required HR people to hop through multiple databases and systems for processing crucial HR and payroll operations. Nevertheless, mobile payroll solutions integrated with employee self service portal is making lives of HR personnel a lot easier and hassle-free.

Here is a rundown on the key benefits of deploying a cloud based mobile payroll app for your business.

  • To begin with, a mobile payroll app is well-equipped to offer complete liberty to your employees when it comes to accessing and updating their personal details such as residential address, marital status, educational qualification, family details, dependents, etc. This ensures that all your employee data stays accurate and up-to-date saving a great deal of pain for your HR team.
  • Empowers your HR crew to provide satisfactory services to all your employees without needing to increase HR headcount.
  • Significant cost savings every year compared to sending out hard copies of payslips and other HR materials to employees. Going paperless not only means you save money, but it also contributes to the environment, since you reduce your carbon footprint largely.
  • Most importantly, app allows employees to request for details pertaining to tax deductions, updates on claims status, leave information etc. on the go through their handheld devices saving lot of time and efforts.
  • Employees simply love the liberty to accessing data on the fly. This leaves them with more time to work rather than disturbing HR folks or skimming through heaps of paperwork saving a great deal of hassles and time for both.
  • On the other hand, it assists HR personnel to keep a tab on those diverse employee queries and requests that keep seeping in frequently. The app sends out automatic notifications to HR crew for addressing various employee grievances.
  • Seamless communication. With 24 x 7 access to critical HR data on the move, communication becomes seamless, since it reduces those tiring phone calls and emails to and from the HR department.
  • With all the data on a unified and central repository, data duplication is out of question eliminating payroll redundancies and inaccuracies.
  • Accurate time and attendance management is something every payroll and HR executive craves for. The scenario is more gruesome when it comes to managing the same for employees working for flexible hours (work from home) etc. Mobile payroll app makes time and attendance a piece of cake, since employees can punch in and out right from their handheld devices from anywhere.
  • SaaS based subscription model makes it scalable and pocket-friendly.

Thus, embracing mobile payroll solution can save hours and weeks of laborious work for HR personnel apart from boosting employee retention rates, employee empowerment and promoting efficient communication all through the organization.


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Anwar Shaikh is a tech blogger and writes on various business improvement solutions such as CRM, ERP and cloud based HRMS solution. An ardent tech chaser, Anwar is driven by latest technological trends. Likes to travel and pens down short poems during his free time. Currently associated with Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based HR management and payroll solution to small and mid-sized businesses.

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