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5 Reasons Startups must Embrace Cloud Technology

Establishing a startup is an adventurous journey. Ranging from execution of new things, approaching new solutions, to exploring new markets – building up a new start up entails loads of ups and downs. Thankfully, the advent of competitive technological solutions has simplified the processing of business operations resulting in minimal traditional obstacles – that a launch of new startup brings up.

A remarkable shift in business operations accelerated by cloud-technology has brought dramatic transformations in delivery of IT solutions. This is enabling businesses to ramp-up their productivity and achieve enhanced flexibility. The wealth of benefits budding under the aegis of cloud computing phenomena makes it an obvious choice for startups to meet business demands faster.

Simplified Data Management Mechanics

The efficacy of cloud computing makes it possible to retrieve data anywhere. Data can be restored in the format that meets the requirements of the resources consuming it. It shaves off the burden from IT professionals’ shoulders and their dependency on legacy tool technicians. The workforce constantly on the move has the luxury to get quick access to restore data as per business requirement. Also, backup copies can be created and stored off-site to prevent data loss in case of any natural disaster.

Easily Predictable Cost Structure

Cloud-based application shell out the server maintenance and additional tool implementation costs. Cloud-service eliminates the cost of software upgrades, license fees and hardware. It extends the life of computers which helps to save money in the long run. Cloud-providers proactively upgrade and maintain the hosted applications thus, eliminating the need for in-house technicians. The business is looked after by a professional eye that catches the problems before they grow large that helps to reduce downtime.

Proactive Response to Business Requirements

Enhanced scalability offered by cloud-based service knock out the need for making any kind of predictions. Cloud storage limit can be extended depending upon the business requirements. It allows people to focus more on things that matter most. Cloud-based applications allow to take leverage of the market opportunities and react faster to business needs. Without any expense on existing IT systems, businesses can easily downscale or upscale IT requirements.

Strengthening the Security Framework

Cloud service providers maintain the consent with the regulations such as ISO, HIPAA, etc. This ensures comprehensive protection against the latest threats. Data back up by the host and its replication across several sites relieves businesses from worrying about data loss. Implementation of strict data policies prevents unauthorized third party access. Thus, migrating data to cloud ensures its readiness from a security standpoint.

Boosting up the Network Performance

Cloud service reduces the load on networks which lead to enhancement in business functions. As, applications and data run in the cloud it helps to reduce the amount spent on network switching equipment. The cloud solution providers allow to station all the business services in their own data centers which benefit enterprises to improve the overall network efficiencies.

From growing demands and trends to rapidly evolving customers’ expectations, business environment is increasingly becoming challenging for the stakeholders, entrepreneurs and end-users. The massive power of cloud computing enable businesses to cope up with the competitive technologies emerging in the business world. Supporting this fact Forrester has revealed that how cloud caters to business agility in many ways and what businesses can do to experience the true impact of cloud.


Beyond improvements in business operational efficiency, cloud technology has brought radical transformation in the way clients’ expectations are fulfilled. From making cost savings to more innovation, potential benefits of cloud are enabling businesses to deliver results faster.

Cloud solutions promises enhanced agility, speed, infinite elasticity and growth opportunities. So, if you have been struggling with the idea of integrating business operations with the cloud bandwagon, the time has arrived. Do it now!


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