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Published on October 18th, 2015 | by Sunit Nandi


PayPal Here – Get Paid Anywhere

When PayPal first entered the market almost two decades ago no one could have imagined how successful their product would become. Their small company has rapidly expanded to become one of the biggest eWallet services to ever exist. The once unknown founders of the service are now rock stars in their industry and the still strive to innovate new products all the time.

With new additions to their app they are hoping to replace the conventional wallet entirely, letting customers use their service in real life situations. They’re envisaging a future in which consumers don’t need to take a card or wallet out with them as they can just use their service for contactless payments. They’re heralding it as the easiest, most convenient way to pay in numerous different locations.


The onus of their new campaign is all about simple, quick transactions between businesses and people. It covers everything from paying a friend for your half of dinner to buying your lunch in a convenience store and shows how it can all be easily managed from one account.

The advantage to this service isn’t just ease of use, it’s also more secure than some forms of online payment. PayPal will hold on to your bank details and just authorise payments for you, instead of letting an online store see your details. With online fraud so rampant these days it’s important to take steps to protect yourself from both scams and outside hackers.

People who enjoy shopping with their mobile device can also just log into the app to make payments, which is ideal if they don’t have a card with them. There are plenty of PayPal casinos on mobile so if they want a bit of rest and relaxation players can top up their accounts wherever they are.

It’s not just independent retailers that offer the new in store PayPal experience, as the app goes from strength to strength even more larger stores are accepting this form of payment. National chains like Boots and The Disney Store allow shoppers to just say they’re paying with the service and the instant payment gets underway immediately. All users need to do is log into their PayPal account which will generate a unique transaction barcode that a shop worker will scan to charge the account. There’s no need for a bill as the receipt is just sent straight to the user’s email within seconds, allowing users to go about their day.


PayPal’s biggest competition was the newly launched Apple Pay, which allowed users to make payments with their iTunes account. Now these two ecommerce giants are working together to offer brand new payment methods for business and personal use. PayPal are also trying to make contactless card terminals more accessible for small business owners buy just charging them an ownership fee then a fee per transactions. This takes a step away from what retailers are accustomed to as suppliers will usually charge a hefty rental fee for card readers.


Their brand new contactless card details are designed to work with payments from iPhones by using the device’s NFC chip. This powerful component broadcasts the encrypted payment details to the waiting card reader and a transaction can be completed in just a matter of seconds.


While users can’t use these services to pay anywhere just yet the market is certainly there for the taking and PayPal seems poised to be the company to do it. Their trustworthy name may see them scaring off any competitors and their free to use service just can’t be matched by anyone at present.

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