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The Apple iPhone 6S: Something to Look Forward To

Apple has always considered itself as one of the fore runner’s in the smartphone department and it has proven itself over and over again with devices that rocked the world in every possible way. Currently, the best device that Apple has to offer is its flagship iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus which was released in September last year and made a huge impact on its loyal customers. But there is a buzz going around about a bigger, better iPhone that is about to be released and soon. The exact specs have not been released but speculations have been made and the words “best iPhone ever” are being thrown around quite freely. So, what exactly does it take to make the best iPhone ever after seeing and using something quite close to perfection?


Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first and tell you that in the rare likeliness that Apple would change the stereotype that has served them well in the past, the newest addition to the family would probably be called the iPhone 6S. And like its predecessors, it will have company in the form of the iPhones 6S Plus. Along with these, there could be the infamous “C” lineup to the device as well which would mean that another colorful array of iPhone’s could be seen soon but because of their lower demand rate in the iPhone 5c, this could be another rumor.

iPhone 6S

When it comes to the design of the phone, Apple will probably go with what they know best and that is how to please their customers. The design of the iPhone has more or less remained the same over the years and there is no real need for a change. Apart from some very minor changes like thickness, the iPhone 6S will probably look exactly the same as the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. I am sure you all fondly remember the “bending” issue that crowded social media for weeks and with that in mind, Apple should look to further thicken the body by about 0.2 mm which is really unnoticeable.

iPhone 6s schematics - KnowYourHandheld

As seen with every iPhone and those before it, the specifications always get an upgrade with every new arrival and so is the case with the iPhone 6S. The most common rumor going around is that there will be an A9 chipset instead of the A8 as seen on the iPhone 6 and will be given 2GB of RAM instead of just 1GB. Force Touch is another pre-determined concept that Apple fanatics are conjuring up and if included, could be a nifty addition to the iPhone family. The camera too is likely to get upgraded to 12 megapixels and could record videos at 4K. Some say that the image quality on the iPhone 6S could be compared to DSLR images and if true could be something that would set the bar extremely high for camera lovers around the world. When it comes down to the price, the iPhone 6S, with all its little upgrades and so on, could be priced anywhere between $600-$650. It is a known fact that Apple usually makes their devices available to the public at the same time Samsung releases one of its own but since Samsung has already released its newest, the Note 5, the iPhone should be in the market by mid-September.

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