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10 Apps That Make History a Fun and Interesting Subject for You!

Due to the exhausting details of history, the majority of the students prefer to dislike this subject and find it boring; only a genius history nerd can remember the long list of lengthy timelines and names. But, there is a solution for every problem.


There are some mind-blowing handy apps that will help you remember all the tiny bits of history. These apps will not only make history a fun subject but will also facilitate you with everything related to history. With the following amazing apps, you can visit historical sites within minutes and can even explore the historical wonders with just a few clicks:

  1. Today In History

If you need daily doses of every historical detail, then this is a really cool app for you. This app not only gives you an account of a specific day in the context of your timeline but will also provide you with a list of words that you can easily click to know more about the history. This app is available for free for both Apple and Android users and gives information from 100,000 events, including death anniversaries, holidays and birthdays.

  1. Timeline World War 2

This app will help you explore the events of World War 2 and tells you completely about the most brutal conflicts in human history. It provides you with a spectacular interface that helps you take a deeper look and explore major events of World War 2.

  1. Virtual History Roma

At the price of only $8.99, this app is a perfect choice for you if you admire Roman Empire. It offers 3D display of places and events of Romans. It will give you details about the weapons, historical sites and amours that represented the Roman Empire.

  1. British Library 19th Century Collection

This app gives you every detail about the historical manuscripts in British libraries. You cannot only get full access to unlimited historical books but also view pictures of original maps, share the books through e-mail and download them for offline reading.

  1. NHM Evolution

This is one amazing app that takes you on a journey through 600 million years at the cost of only $13.99. It is produced in partnership with Natural History Museum, and it features a complete timeline with audio commentaries and text for every period, era and eon. Enjoy 10 videos from the leading Museum experts, 17 multi-media treatments for the explanation of Earth’s evolutionary past and high resolution, full-frame view of around 570 pictures.

  1. The Pyramids

Can you ever get over the amazing fact how humans built those gigantic pyramids in Egypt? Learn everything you need to know about the Great Pyramids by enjoying a 3D representation of Giza plateau, going through the annotated HD photographs of interiors of tombs and pyramid and watching the animated expert introductions to tombs from the famous Egyptologist, Bram Calcoen. History could not get more interesting than this!

  1. Ancient History

If you have a child who finds history boring, then this app is definitely for you! At just the price of $6.99, make your children learn about ancient civilisations and history while they play on the phones! With fun facts, interactive games and voice-overs, nobody will get bored and would definitely learn a lot about historical places and figures.

  1. MFA Coins

Ancient coins are important historic resource. If you ever wondered why the coins are called ‘heads’ and ‘tails’, then this is your chance. Enrich your knowledge and zoom through 250+ ancient Roman and Green coins that are on display in Michael C. Ruettgers Gallery in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. You can also get detailed views upon flipping each rare object over in high-resolution photography.

  1. History: Maps Of World

This is one wonderful free app that makes history extremely interesting. It brings together a wonderful range of 178 historical maps from all around the world. It also displays the source for each map for the convenience of the users.

  1. GCSE Modern World History

This app is perfect for GCSE students, covering all the main topics of the history syllabus along with some wonderful activities that makes the facts even more memorable.

The modern technological advancements have made even a boring subject like history, a very exciting one. Take all the advantage of these apps and increase your knowledge about history.


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