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How Social Media Can Hurt You in Study Time

Due to the rapid advancement in technology students are engaging social media in their study time to learn proactively. Unfortunately many students are unaware about the drawbacks of socialising sites that could ruin their career. However, if you’re a 21st century student and want to perform at a peak level then you must read the drawbacks of social media sites that are shared in this document. Take a look below to learn the cons of social media that might negatively impact your academic performance.


Poor Academic Results

According to a recent survey based report it is proven that students who too much engage over socialising forums ruin their career with poor grades. There are many reasons behind this but the most common reason is the lack of concentration that results in poor grades. When you will engage over socialising forum very often you will waste plenty of your time and energy that you can consume in studies to earn good grades. This is why it is vital for learners to avoid too much use of technology to concentrate on their studies effectively.

Distraction in Studies

It is seen that usually it is not possible for students to keep their mind on studies when they are distracted by social media. Keep in mind to stop the use of social media when you’re assigned with a class project or any assignment. This is because when you will avoid social media in your study time you will easily focus on your academic project and come up with exceptional ideas. Otherwise you will miss a great chance to earn better grades with exceptional ideas.

Time Consuming

Believe it or not social media is one of the most time consuming resource that can impact your academic performance negatively. Therefore you should avoid the use of socialising sites to save plenty of your time from wastage. All of us know that in order to create an assignment students need ample amount of time. Make sure to spend your time wisely in studies to earn the best grades in every semester.

Cyber Bullying

Many experts advise that students who engage over socialising sites need to face hurtful comments. This is because many students violets the freedom of speech over the internet and write comments that could negatively affect the academic performance of student. Thus ensure to stay away from cyber bullying to easily focus on studies.


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