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5 Content Solutions for Lead Generation

Once upon a time, the pairing of advertising and cold calls was enough to attract clients – today, that it is surely not the case. Today, best chances of getting clients and keep them interested actually happen before their first contact with the company, with capturing an audience and lead generation being recurring topics when the subject is Sales.

And, in fact, that does happen for a reason. An efficient lead management helps to recruit potential clients with qualified contracts and the right profile, more prone to close a purchase or contract, generating relevant results. However, before reaching that phase, prospect clients search the biggest possible number of informations possible about a company’s product or service, as well as the brand itself.

During that process, the more specialized and quality content companies offer, the bigger odds companies will have of potential clients choosing them to close deal. Other than capturing qualified contracts, content triggers a relation of trust with the client, and there are some effective tools to ignite that process. Let’s look at some of them.


With the name coming from the abbreviation of “web-based seminar”, webinars are webconferencies in which an organizer can use slides or stream a live conference for the potential clients. It allows for a quicker and easier interaction between companies and (potential) clients, being also useful for clients to assess how well that company suits their needs, while companies can “filter” clients as well.


Versatile and strategic, the creation of eBooks is one of the most relevant techniques to attract clients. By writing books in their areas of action and put them freely available on the Internet, companies can get a better understanding of their clients. This can be done with the use of a form, in which companies ask for information they find relevant regarding their potential clients, in terms of lead qualification.


In general, whitepapers bring reports or resumes of data about a sector or a market, but there is not a clear concept on the differences between eBooks and whitepapers. They work similarly, even though the whitepaper has a more technical feel to it, being based on graphs, results of researches, and so on. Just as what happens with eBooks, whitepapers should also be free do obtain after the filling of a form.


Along with the other solutions mentioned here, offering models of spreadsheets and/or templates related to a company’s area of work can attract a lot of costumers interested in the product or service. People who look for these are in a phase of finding solutions, which means that these propositions will help them to decide for that product or service.


This tool is way more useful for companies in the technology and software niches, but can also be applied to other fields. Something like a trial run of a software, with a free period where clients can use the services, will start a loyalty process that will, ideally, ending with them opting to buy a more complete and paid version of the product.

These are the kind of solutions that companies specialized in lead generation, like LeadGenius, can provide to marketers. They provide the tools according to the necessities of each specific case, resorting to a team of experts and the best lead sources to help businesses get the best possible leads.

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