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Published on April 18th, 2014 | by Sunit Nandi


Fixing external SD card write issue on Android 4.4 KitKat


Android 4.4 KitKat brought in a lot of changes compared to its older 4.3 Jellybean update. And one of the most significant changes is how it handles storage data security.

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Prior to Android 4.4 KitKat, applications, provided they had permission to access the external SD card, could read and write to any area on removable storage, including the system folders like DCIM, Alarms, etc. That has all changed, and now third-party applications, as in ones you download from Google Play or elsewhere can only write to files and folders that they have created or have taken ownership of.

Third-party apps are not allowed to get automatic permission to put files anywhere on a micro SD card. Instead, such files must go into a folder on the card where all their content from that app must go. A photo viewer, for example, would not be able to move or save images from elsewhere on a device to its folder. It would only be able to save thumbnails of photos from within the system, which would be the images used for the viewer.

Many users are facing issues with the new configuration because it drastically changes the way apps function. Most apps have become dysfunctional because they now lack the permissions to function properly. Moreover, once a third party app is deleted, its designated folder and contents are also deleted. However, the flip side is that various malware no longer has the ability to read and write through a device’s filesystem to steal data.

If you are annoyed by the external SD card policy change, and storage flexibility matters more to you than storage security, read on to know how to restore full access to the micro SD card.

Restoring full access to the external SD card

Method 1: Editing the permissions file manually

Make sure your phone is rooted. After that perform the following steps:

  1. Using a root-enabled file manager (like ES file explorer), navigate to /system/etc/permissions
  2. Edit platform.xml and find the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.
  3. Add an additional group definition for this permission: <group gid=”media_rw” />
  4. Save the changes to the file.
  5. Restart the phone.


All credits for this method go to this thread on XDA developers forum.

Method 2: Using NextApp SDFix app

XDA developers forum member tliebeck has developed SDFix, a small app that makes life easier by automating the permission file editing and thereby restoring full write access to the SD card. Please do note that this app does need root permissions.

You can download the app from either the Play Store or the XDA forum thread. After that, launch the app and follow the onscreen instructions to solve your problem.

sdfix_welcome sdfix_ready sdfix_wait sdfix_complete

Method 3: Using Xposed framework with HandleExternalStorage module

If for some reason, the above two methods fail to solve your problem, then don’t just give up yet. Try this too.

If you do not have Xposed framework yet, download it from here and install the apk. After that, install the framework from inside the app and reboot. Please note that you need root permissions to install Xposed.


Once you have Xposed, download and install the HandleExternalStorage module from either the Play Store, XDA forum thread or from the ‘Download’ section within the Xposed installer app.


This module has no user interface. Just enable it in the ‘Modules’ section in Xposed and reboot. You’re done!


Method 4: Using a custom ROM

If none of the above methods work, then we’re really sorry that you are out of luck with the stock firmware.

We suggest you to try a custom ROM/firmware like CyanogenMod 11, AOKP, SlimKat or CarbonROM which already has the permission problem patched.



I earnestly hope that the methods I’ve mentioned have helped solve your problem. In case you face problems, feel free to open a new discussion on our forum or Facebook group and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Any feedback? Drop a comment below.

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158 Responses to Fixing external SD card write issue on Android 4.4 KitKat

  1. Avatar Razals says:

    Method three worked for me! I exhausted method 1 and 2 and for some reason my modified permissions would not stick after reboot. I double checked and tripled checked with different file managers and text editors and everything seemed to check out. But once the reboot occured the permissions file reverted to its original state. NextApp SDCardFix would change the permissions as in method one and I know this because I verified but again after reboot the permissions file reverted back. Method three is the way to go if the first two don’t take. Thanks.

    -HTC One (M8) T-Mobile; Sony SDXC Class 10 64gb

  2. Avatar ANDLover says:

    I use BeanStalk Rom – very stable and no issues. Look it up on XDA.

  3. Avatar Alex Home says:

    So without a root-ed phone, the write SD function is rooted.?
    I can believe android has done this just after I changed from iPhone to Android.!
    The big plus for me was external storage, why cant they have a disclaimer to allow One App of choice, the ES file explorer..!!!
    Not sure how to root the phone, but it is my main phone, I do not want to loose warranty or the base Sony install.
    I HOPE ANDROID RELEASE A FIX FOR THIS. ??? I will just go back to IPhone…

  4. Avatar Paul M says:

    I have an xperia Z ultra and had to do this manually in recovery mode, which I got to by unlocking bootloader and installing jackie099’s recovery/kernel.

  5. Avatar RedTechWookiee says:

    The only problem with SDFix is that not everyones SD card is given the same name. You have to match the permission to the correct media name. I had to change mine to

    I also changed my permissions in the Read and All sections of the file as well. What I would add to SDFix is a way for it to search for the card name, then have it add in the permissions. Just a thought and I hope this helps anyone trying to figure this issue out.

    Take control of your hardware and don’t let it control you… like mac products 🙂

    • Avatar RedTechWookiee says:

      Well… that didn’t post right lol

      Her is what I put in the permissions XML file

      Did that post right?

    • Avatar RedTechWookiee says:

      Well, I suck at this. Had to view the page source to get what I needed.

      <group gid=”external_SD_rw” />

      • Avatar android says:

        How did you find the name of external card, under fx explorer details mine is lusted as extSdCard, I tried adding it but it does not work.

        I copied files from device to card, no issues but after reboot those files are disappear from the card. I did reboot after msking changes before I copied any files.

        • You can try this:
          1. Download Terminal Emulator from Play Store
          2. Open it and type ‘mount | grep vold’ (without quotes) in the prompt
          3. One of the entries listed will contain the path to the external SD card (usually /storage/sdcard1 or /mnt/extSdCard or /sdcard/external_sd/)

          Alternatively, you can use ES File Explorer. Just navigate to the external SD card to find the path.

  6. Awesome after trying everything method 3 finally worked thank u so much finally have write access to my external SD card 🙂 🙂

  7. Avatar Ken says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab pro 10.1 wifi only edition and I attempted the first 3 fixes and nothing works. I can’t access the card through my files, my stock camera will not write to it, I can’t create new folders it copy movie files to it. Basically a dead slot. I used 2 different 64gb cards and one was a Kingston.

    I want to avoid having to do a full mod of it since I still like the Samsung layouts. Is there anything I can do or am I screwed since my warranty is now voided?

    I would greatly appreciate some help since I have pulled out enough hair over the last 2 days.

    • Can you open and read the contents of the card? If not, then your slot is bad. Its a hardware problem.

      This guide deals with fixing a software problem of apps not being able to write to the card. In all cases however, any app can read everything on the card, whether or not the fix is applied.

      You can consider unrooting the device, resetting the flash counter and sending it for warranty repairs. I just hope your KNOX flag has not been toggled.

  8. Avatar Akshay says:

    Thanks a bunch man that 2nd method i tried and it worked kudos to you & the app developer…

    This feature should have been there by default in kitkat, maybe make it optional.

  9. Avatar Magnum says:

    Had no idea about this restriction in kit kat till I got Xiaomi MI3 and faced write issues…Thankfully there was a setting “Monitor app permission” and by switching off the setting, I am able to move files, create files and folders without any issues!!!

    • MIUI firmwares are a totally different ballgame and more often than not, the usual tweaks don’t apply there.
      Your setting is pretty insecure. You should consider disabling the SD card permission check rather than switching off all permission checks. Switching off all permission checks can open up your phone to malware and worms.

  10. Avatar christian says:

    So there is no hope for non rooted phone? I just bought this phone and waiting guarantee to expired then root my phone. is there any way to solve this problem?

  11. Avatar Rich says:

    Backed up using Titanium Backup to my internal card, copied over to my external. Any time i tried to backup apps again I’d get the “insufficient free space” error. Found this page, installed NextApp SDFix and now I can backup apps again on my external SD. NAAAAIIIICE!

  12. Avatar Android Newbie says:

    I bought my very first ever Android device (tablet) 2 weeks ago and solved this issue with KitKat 4.4.2 after realising there seemed to be a Linux element to the OS by formatting the SD card as NTFS. Now I can read, write and delete files on my external SD card without any problems. Obviously I backed up any existing data on the card first. Maybe I have just been lucky.

    • Which tablet do you have?
      Well, NTFS support on Android varies heavily across devices. And as far as I know the write issue affects users irrespective of the SD card filesystem, whether FAT, FAT32, exFAT or NTFS. You are lucky in this case because your write issue was caused by inconsistent filesystem that was previously on the SD card and not the system restriction. Your tablet’s manufacturer must have already patched Kitkat to enable write access, and which is why everything is working fine.

  13. Avatar mike says:

    I have installed Nextapp Sdfix, and followed the steps by steps instructions it posted. But, I got stucked on the 3rd step it says- “ERROR Modifications could not be performed, failed to obtained root access. This modification can only be completed if you have root/superuser access to this device.”.
    Please help, what should I do?
    – Mike

  14. Avatar Mike says:

    I’m sorry, I’m not so familiar with this process. What is the best app for this to have a root access?
    Thanks- mike

  15. Avatar Mike says:

    My tab has a mini hdmi jack, This kitkat 4.4.2 affects my mini HDMI and SD operations. Can this still be fix (HDMI) with the nextapp?

  16. Avatar Harol Xolocotzi says:

    Instale en Handle External Storage, lo que no se es como instalar o pasar las aplicaciones a la SD con este metodo

  17. Avatar Harol Xolocotzi says:

    Instale el xposed y el modulo handle external, ahora mi duda es como instalo o paso mis aplicaciones a la SD por que se siguen instalando en la memoria del cel

    • Avatar Harol Xolocotzi says:

      Encontré una aplicación bastante interesante “FOLDERMOUNT” con ella se crean copias de los folders de la aplicación en la SD y se enlazan a folders (vacíos) en la memoria interna lo que te libera espacio en esta ultima, use los tres métodos mencionados aquí y ninguno me funciono desafortunadamente, esto en mi cel con android 4.4 y otro cel con android 4.2.2 (cyanogenmod), otro método que había probado en android 4.1 es xternal to internal y me resultaba, con este método se intercambian la sd como si fuera la interna y viceversa.

  18. Avatar ravindra kumar says:

    i have try both method but no one work and device show the file only read only i e permission file and cant save after edit

  19. Avatar aru says:

    i want to know about, if i rooted my phone
    1.did i lose my warranty
    2.if rooted can i reset to previous factory state
    3.install 4.3 android settings helpful?

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  21. Avatar Martin says:

    Hi Sunit, great article. For me everything works, but once rebooted everything is deleted. A lot of files already lost.
    I did everything already, even changed manually permissions on xml.
    Will appreciate a lot your help

  22. Avatar KM says:

    Thanks for your article. But my HTC one E8 has two SD cards. How could I get access of the external SD?

  23. Avatar Milutin says:

    Hello. I installed the app from 2nd method and it worked perfectly.
    However, I have a bigger issue. My internal storage has the same problem like my SD card had, but I can’t find anywhere how to add the same permission for internal storage as I did for SD card.
    Can you please help me? 🙂

  24. Avatar Prhyme says:

    Thanks mate. Method 2 worked for me on my Galaxy s4.

  25. Avatar eric says:

    Hi sunit
    i have no issues for file writing on sd card. I do it manually with file explorer.
    but lately…. all my mp3 copied for device to sd card is being deleted after reboot. Old files saved in card is still there but all new files goes missing after reboot. Why is this happening ?
    Thank you

    • It is because of the KitKat restriction. The same happens on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

      • Avatar Alireza says:

        This happened for me also 🙁
        My phone is Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4.2 KitKat) when my phone hanged, I brought out the battery and either SD card simultaneously… but when I replaced the SD card I saw that it has locked and I can not format it in any way & any device (such as my camera!) but I can access all my data by PC only … and when I delete the files I see that all data has come back again, like it has frozen !!!
        It means that my SD card has locked by my android phone for write permission but it is not able to take back to normal condition.
        my question is that how does this WRITE permission works on micro SD card? because it has not any hardware part such as normal SD card for locking it manually !!

  26. Avatar Mani says:

    I have rooted S iii mini working on CM 11 kitbat 4.4.2. While I can move any file or data from main storage to SD card, I am not able to get default storage path to the SDcard mainly for Valera or sound recordings by these methods. In fact my SD card was damaged by using method 2!

  27. Avatar Nathan says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Just another reason why Android is overrated.

  28. Avatar bt says:


    Thanks for the article. How can I just give write permission on the xml file only without rooting the system?
    I tried to add the to the file and I can not save it,


  29. Avatar Hartwinder says:

    There is a easy fix.. . Download app called X-plore.. .. It create a sandbox folder on SDcard to which it has direct acess…. so u can easily copy files to that sandbox folder and until on unless X-plore is theres no data lose… . Its way easy then all the fixes…

    Another way is use PC to copy files remove ur SD card and use a card reader to copy files to the card and then insert it into phone this way nothing will lose and you get direct read only acess to your card and content…

    • Avatar RickH says:

      Hoping Sidewinder is monitoring!! Found X-plore on Play, but do not find any reference to “sandboxing” that you refer to. Am going to have to upgrade Galaxy tab that I have used for 5+ yr w\12g in 3 apps & data that I use regularly installed on sd card. Have had 2 major manufacturers new tabs w\KitKrap os & can find no way to bring my card, (or data),t o the new hardware, (or find definitive rooting info). Also unable to import settings, logins\passwords, wifi, etc that I backed up to sd on a regular basis. My skills are in a different field, +, I am not enamored with the idea of “rooting”, ( & possibly bricking or voiding warranty) of a “tool” that may set me back several hundred $$. Any more info\workarounds you , (or other Guru’s) could provide would be invaluable!! Thanking all in advance.
      RickH ~Per ardua ad astra~

      • Try the X-plore method that was mentioned a few comments back. Without root you cannot achieve full access.

        • Avatar RickH says:

          Thanks for reply Sunit, Have you seen enough of Lollipop, 5.*.1-3 to ascertain if r/w to ext has truly been restored? I use my tab for interfacing with several telescopes w/”goto” functionality, tab communicates via bluetooth. To function, Tab must have ecompass\geo-magnetic, gyro, hall-effect(?unsure), & gps sensor to function. This has limited me to 3 manufacturers that list these sensors “onboard”. (Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, I have returned 2 lenovo’s w\kitkat), all retailing for $600+. At this stage in my life, I will only have 1 shot @ continuing on with my hobby, losing all this data sets me back 4+yrs & prob not enough time for a “redo”. It appears that ALL my unique data for the 3-5 apps, (9-12g), that I use is/will be inaccessible even if purchasing a 64g version. I have spent 5+ yrs building the data for these apps, also hundreds of, primarily, related pdf docs, WiFi\logins\passwords info, etc that I will not be able to mod & save anymore. Any additional suggestions\work-arounds you can suggest would be appreciated.
          RickH ~Per ardua ad astra~
          PS, do not currently have a Tab w\kitkat, (found this site as I was returning last one), as 2 have been returned because of this issue. Trying to decide now whether to order another new one or just “walk away” when my current tab rolls over & dies

  30. Avatar MegaDeivs says:

    Thank You. First method works

  31. Avatar Android User says:

    I just bought the Galaxy Note 4. It was a toss up between the iPhone 6 Plus. Anyway, I love my new phone, except for the fact that in order for me to have control over the files on my MicroSD card I need to physically remove it, put it in my MicroSD adapter and put it in my PC. What a pain in the ash. I have a hard time believing Google’s developers were thinking this would end up being OK with the end user. Unreal. Now in order for me to not be inconvenienced I need to root my new phone?… Uhg… Thank you Google.

    Besides rooting my new phone, has anyone found a work around?

  32. Avatar kat says:

    Thus factory data reset can solve this problem? Thank you in advance.

  33. Avatar craig tennant says:

    Anyone have an idea when this is issue will be fix in the next software update maybe

  34. Avatar Anthony says:

    !!! Try This Maybe !!!

    If your just trying to delete photos or files and your phone apps or computer apps wont let you, try this before you dig into your phone or root it just to delete photos …

    Don’t use an app to delete, such as Gallery,.. just go to the phone, My Files / All Files / extSdCard / DCIM/ Camera / … and select the photos and delete from there.

    I hope that helps someone.

    Sorry if it was already suggested else where as I did not read every post.

  35. Avatar ibrash says:

    i have tried the method 1, 2 and 3 still can’t see move to sd or external storage… i have some downloaded HD games , like asphalt, mc4, injustice etc, the game apk can’t read the obb file, keeps asking for additional data which works well on htc… thanks in advance

  36. Avatar ibrash says:

    sorry to disturb yo sir.. i don’t know how to do that….
    in READ EXTERNAL STORAGE, i mean if i remove group gid sdcard r and replace with external SD rw or i should just add external SD rw?

    replace this
    with this

  37. Avatar lolotux says:

    I did it with ES file explorer….
    When i write the modification :
    Error : An error occured

  38. Avatar subash says:

    hai friend i tried to get write permission from next app its not works.. and i tried xsposed module kitkat storage acces it also not worket in my micromax unite 2,,, pls tell the way to write permission for sd card.. pls

  39. Avatar ssss says:

    My phone is samsung note 4 (SM-N910G), I tried SDFix >> failed for no root/superuser, I tried the app superuser but not worked, I tried to modified Platform.xml but couldn’t save, what should I do???? please help!!!!

  40. Avatar Pixelwish says:

    Thank you so much! I have tried everything and finally solution No.3 worked! Excellent work!

  41. Avatar Rhazi says:

    Hello everybody! I tried the second and the third methods, they seem to be like working, but my question is: How can I know if new applications are installed in SD card? Thanks in advance.

  42. Avatar Rhazi says:

    Welcome back. I have checked Settings > Apps > All apps, when I click on apps that I have installed lately I find that there is no botton with “move to phone”. As I told you before that method 2 of Nextapp SDFix seems to be working since it has told me that the modification has been completed and that I had to reboot, and I did so. I also checked the platform.xml through ES File Explorer and I found that was created. After that, moved to apply method 3 with all the steps as you had mentioned, and of course nothing changed as I told you. So, is there any other solution to solve this? Thank you.

    • Well it seems that the option to move apps to SD card varies from firmware to firmware. Even though the SD card is accessible now, it may still not be able to move apps to SD card via settings.

      I have an alternate method. Get Titanium Backup from Play Store. Go to the “Backup/Restore” tab. Scroll down to the app you need. Tap that. An overlay window will open. Swipe right to go to “Special features” tab. Scroll down and in the “Storage” category you will see the option to either “Move to Internal” or “Move to SD card”.

      Hope this helps. In case you didn’t know, Titanium Backup is a great app+data backup/restore tool and has lots of other interesting features. If you like it, consider buying the Pro. It will save you from a lot of problems with your phone.

  43. Avatar Rob says:

    Tried it on an LG Tribute that I thought I rooted. I ran Root Checker Basic(says it’s rooted). ES File explorer still gives me “Error occurred when trying to save the file. It will not be saved.” SU came up, asked if I wanted to grant ES File Explorer permission, I did, then it keep throwing back the error. 🙁

  44. Avatar alison says:

    PLEASE can anyone tell me how to be able to transfer items between the internal and external sd cards WITHOUT rooting the phone in any way? it seems impossible. i rely heavily on this abitlity. im seriously ill and predominatly berdidden and just too ill to figure this out now i just got a new phone. had no idea this was a thing!! thanks God bless

    • I’ll quote one previous comment by Hartwinder:

      There is a easy fix.. . Download app called X-plore.. .. It create a sandbox folder on SDcard to which it has direct acess…. so u can easily copy files to that sandbox folder and until on unless X-plore is theres no data lose… . Its way easy then all the fixes…

      Another way is use PC to copy files remove ur SD card and use a card reader to copy files to the card and then insert it into phone this way nothing will lose and you get direct read only acess to your card and content…

  45. Avatar Sheogorath says:

    Absolutely fantastic solutions here! Shame they don’t work if you can’t root your device… *facepalms*

  46. Avatar TMC says:

    The whole root debacle seems like trying to kill a fly with a sledgehamer! Why not just create anti-malware that prevents stealing or destroying of data by rougue apps in software vs hard-coding it down in the firmware/os?
    If microsoft anti-malware programs can fight the good fight, why hasn’t sofware development for Android been as forthcoming? IMO, it has in the linux community.. just not these underdeveloped android OS’s.. which is why sales of Android OS tablets w/ 4.4+ have plummented.

    • The point of having a secure system by design is one of the best features of an OS. Its also one of the reasons why Linux and Mac OSX are better OSes by design compared to Windows and are also less prone to attacks by malware.

      Let me give you an analogy. You have an opening in your home. Do you want that opening to be a door so that you can shut it while sleeping or spend the whole night awake guarding the opening because its not a door? Prevention is better than cure IMO. People have a problem both ways it seems. First some complain Android isn’t secure enough so they move to a different platform, and there are others who complain the security in Android is tighter so they are moving to another platform.

      BTW, for your info, Android 5.0+ doesn’t have this problem anymore because Google introduced the DocumentProvider API to allow fine grained access to external SD card folders from apps where you can assign and revoke folders at will. I don’t think sales will plummet any further.

  47. Avatar Ibrahim Nadat says:

    Hey, Sunit. I have a S4 updated to the lollipop update on version 5.0.1. How can I get apps and anything else to write on my external sd card and access and save files on external sd card?

    • Apps will write to SD card on Lollipop on their own if they support the DocumentProvider API. You just need to choose the right directory once the prompt pops up. If you don’t see anything in the prompt, just press the 3 dotted menu button and select “Show all”. Then select your external SD card and tap choose.

      Now your app can write on the external SD card. Apps like ES File Explorer and Titanium backup have this option.

  48. Avatar Ibrahim Nadat says:

    But with apps like Popcorn Time and Kickass Torrents, I try to download the torrents on to my external sd card when I get to choose where to download them to. Buy after choosing my option as the external sd card, it says no write access

  49. Avatar Ritesh Desai says:

    Dear Sunit

    I have tried all 3 but not able to succeeded.

    I have successfully rooted by phone but not make sd card to write as per you all 3 methods.

    I have Karbonn Titanium Octane.

    Please help to overcome with the issue

  50. Avatar Ritesh Desai says:

    my main purpose for this is to backup all my applications with data folder with Go Backup or My Backup apk…

    At the moment both are not allow me to backup even apk or data files….

    your co-operation is allow me to do sucessfull backups…

  51. Avatar Sam says:

    My Galaxy S4 is not rooted. I trying to move images from the SD to external. Couldn’t. But used Airdroid, downloaded all I needed from SD. Shut down phone, inserted microSD in computer and was easily able to upload those files. Maybe that will help someone.

  52. Avatar Raj says:

    After installing custom rom Cm12 on my HTC One Max i had problem with the camera saving pictures to the SD card. This solved my problem after hours looking for a solution. Many thanks to Sunit Nandi

  53. Avatar Ingo says:

    Hey ! I changed the platform.xml in the Folder permissions and checked it with several file Explorer to be sure that all changings are done and safe.
    I also took a copy named platform copy.xlm in this Folder and a second copy to another folder in the main storage.
    After rebooting, both, the original and the platform copy.xlm are deleted in the permission Folder
    and the old original file from date 18/05 is back ???
    Has someone a idea what happens here and how to fix it ??

    Greets and Thanks


    >> HTC One E8, Lollipop 5.02, Root

    • Hello Ingo,

      This method is guaranteed to work on Kitkat. I am not sure about Lollipop. Lollipop has the option for DocumentProvider API that lets you access SD card right from the app itself, you just need to allow permissions to the app to a directory when it requests. Apps like ES File Explorer, Titanium backup and Superbeam make use of this API to write to the external SD card. So on Lollipop, trying to edit platform.xml is not required.

      The reason you face this problem in Lollipop is because of two reasons:
      1. You have a HTC device. It is probably S-ON.
      2. SELinux could be preventing writes.

      • Avatar Ingo says:

        Hey !
        Thank for your prompt reply !
        Seems like that you are wright, but i have still this stupid Problem with the permissions. Today i tried to install the TomTom Navigation and had also no Chance to get Access to the sd Card.
        I read something about the Xposed Framework. This should solve the Problem but iam not sure if this is the wright way for my Situation.
        I also read abot S-On and S-off but have no knowledge about !
        Have you any idea which way makes sense to try ?!
        If nothing works, i will throw down the stupid phone down from the next available Bridge .-)



  54. Avatar Emerson says:

    Usefull for android lollipop as well…

    • It does work for Lollipop, but its not the recommended method as Lollipop has the DocumentProvider API. Check with your app dev to see if your app has it or not. ES File Explorer, SuperBeam, Titanium Backup Pro, etc. use this API on Lollipop.

  55. Avatar Chris says:

    thank a lot.The first one worked like a charm.Got my control back.Hate not having it with my phone.

  56. Avatar Ross says:

    I use CM12. The problem is that I cannot transfer files from PC to the ext sd card using usb cable. When I remove the card from phone there is no problem to upload on it.

  57. Avatar sajjad ahmad says:

    thanks its work

  58. Avatar Darshan says:

    Dear Sunit, after reading your whole article along with all comments and eventually trying all methods mentioned above, I am still upset with my problem.
    I will explain my problem like this :
    Last Monday I just successfully rooted and applied custom rom to mt cell. So in excitement I took my wife’s cell to do the same but both have different models phone. Now her mobile is rooted and PROBABLY sd card not writable. I hv tried many procedures to format it to check whether it is ok or not. My problem was diagnosed when after rooting cwm back up was tsken and custom rom was flashed. In this flashing process accidentally tabbed Fir Permissions. Took few minutes to complete but could not wait to complete it and battery removed. But again flashing by sp tools I am ok to start the cell. But now after restoring or without restoring my card not saving anything. Testing it by sending image to whatsapp and after few minutes the image went off. Even testing by photo by camera. After few minutes it gies away. In attempting so many ways to format it, no method is useful to me. My wife is very upset due to my actions on her cell. Hope you understand my problem bro.
    Please help. Can you please your input?

    • Kindly note that if your device needs write access to SD card, it should be rooted and the patches mentioned in this article should be applied. If there is no need for a custom ROM, there is no requirement to flash it.

  59. Avatar Luis says:

    This has nothing to do with “storage security”, since apps are still freely able to read and write to the internal storage. This is truly a way Google tries to force all of us to give up SDCards and use their cloud services.

  60. Avatar Natu says:

    How to fix external sd card permission issue in kit Kat without rooting device..?

  61. Avatar Jey says:

    Hard to believe this was never fixed. Google says with the right APIs an app doesn’t need root to access a folder on the SD card, yet but one app seems to be working like they described.

    Anyway, on my way to rooting my good old Galaxy Tab now that I got an SD card from it (not knowing about this issue). Apparently now ES also has a built-in root app that can manipulate the SD card, not sure it was mentioned in the comments anywhere (way you many to read, sorry!) but I didn’t see it in the article. Thanks Sunit, you are now officially my hero!

  62. Avatar Eron says:

    How to root samsung galaxy tab 3v please help me.

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  66. Avatar Paul says:

    Thanks so much, no.3 did it for me. was bugging me for ages until I found your article.

  67. Avatar AlDingo says:

    First off, I’m a total dipshit when it comes to things like this BUT I DID IT. Never rooted anything in my life, didn’t even know what rooting was until 20 mins ago. It’s stupid easy, I downloaded King root and then tried option 2 worked first time. I can’t recommend this enough and I can’t stress how easy it was. Thanks so much for this.

  68. Avatar adarsh joshi says:

    None of 3 methods worked for me . after reboot all worked for just 5 to 10 minutes . i can read ,write ,delete ,cut copy, paste but after suddenly those files i had deleted reappears automatically and when i delete any file pop up comes NO PERMISSION TO DELETE and i can’t do nothing.please solve it. Phone micromax unite 2 kitkat4.4.2

  69. Avatar Ahmad Fauzi says:

    Thank you you’re awesome dude, thanks for the knowledge :thumbsup::

  70. Avatar tm says:

    Permission is set but cat copy anymore and deviceis notrooted anymore. Strange

  71. Avatar Ali says:


  72. Avatar Romney says:

    Method 1&2 didnt work for me.. Is method 3 safe? Because it showed”dont install xposed if no knowledge about softbrick or bootloop recovery.. ” im afraid coz i dont have any knowledge about those..
    I got a cherry s4 lite lollipop phone and i dont know if this is safe.. Its too risky.
    And i got anothr question.. With ths kind of problem, restoring factory data and sdcard formating will not work? I mean i will get this problem even if i change my sdcard?

  73. Avatar giorgioprosperi says:

    It s not an elegant and elaborated fix, just a practical -trivial bypass , for who gives up and needs just to copy files from phone to external SD without removing it from phone.
    it worked for me using a pc with lubuntu
    1 connect the phone to a pc as MTP using a cable. pc lubuntu filemanager will show external SD and phone as folders
    2 copy files ( es: pics) from phone to a pc folder
    3 copy from this pc folder to the externalSD still inserted in phone

    trying to copy and paste directly from phone to external SD doesnt work( error: operation unsupported)

  74. Avatar Alexander says:

    Thank you very much!
    Work like a charm!

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