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The Only Roofing Software Every Roofer Needs

Every building needs a roof for it to be considered complete. Roofs protect a building’s occupants from harsh climatic conditions and wild animals. Therefore, the roofing process should be professional to prevent endangering people’s lives.

If you are a roofing contractor, many roofing software programs are available to make your work more manageable. Of all the software, Roofr is one of the best industry-leading roofing software platforms. Designed explicitly for roofers, it has all the features you’ll need to carry out your everyday duties.

In this article, we will outline why Roofr is the only roofing software every roofer needs.

Roofr’s features

Roofr is designed by roofing contractors for roofers. It contains all the features you need to get your roofing jobs done. 

It streamlines the roofing processes through these features:

  1. Cloud-based – When you can’t access your software, it can result in delays in your work. Roofr addresses this issue exceptionally well. Because it is cloud-based, you can log into the platform on another device and continue performing your tasks. All you need is a network connection and credentials.
  2. Cross-platform nature – No need to worry about incompatibility. You can use the platform without needing a new device to access it, as it’s available for all computer operating systems and phones.
  3. Intuitive user-interface – Some platforms have interfaces that are difficult for even experts to use, let alone beginners. Roofr’s interface is user-friendly and easy to use.
  4. Money-back guarantee – Their money-back guarantee ensures you get your money back if you find that their tools don’t meet your needs. This guarantee ensures that roofers are confident with their investment.
  5. Free plan – Roofr provides a free plan that lets roofers try the platform before subscribing to plans that require payment. With this feature, roofers can see if the software is a perfect fit for their business.
  6. Customer support – Their customer support team is readily available and is very responsive.

Support Offered

To seek help when using Roofr, various customer support methods available, including the following:

  • Help articles – Guides and pictures explain how roofers can get the best use out of the platform.
  • FAQs – On their website is a library of frequently asked questions and their answers.
  • Explainer videos – Explainer videos contain an overview of how to use the platform while showing roofers how to troubleshoot issues they are facing.
  • Live chat – This support method allows roofers to interact directly with a Roofr representative through text.
  • Phone support – Roofr’s customer support number, 1 (844) 995-4087, is available for all roofers to call and inform representatives about their issue. However, this is only available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • Email You can also reach the support team via [email protected].
  • Masterclasses – Masterclasses offers tutorials on using the platform. Additionally, it provides a web-based interface where roofers can submit their queries.

But is Roofing Difficult?

If you want to venture into the roofing industry, you may wonder if the task is difficult and tedious. Essentially, you’ll be asking the question many beginners ask: is roofing difficult? To get an answer to your question backed up with statistics, check out this article: Is Roofing Hard? (Pros & Cons Of Being A Roofer). Despite being challenging, this profession can also be rewarding.  

How Does Roofr Help to Simplify the Roofing Process?

Roofr allows you to complete your project efficiently with:

  • Project management – You can easily create new projects and view existing ones. The platform also allows multiple team members to work on a single roofing project. Roofing contractors can track the completion time for each step in the project.
  • An effective material estimator – This estimator allows roofers to know the exact amount of materials the entire process will consume.
  • A GPS tracker – Roofr’s GPS tracker makes it easy to locate the exact location of a project, after which a satellite acquires measurements. The tracker also helps in directing workers to the site.
  • A measuring tool – This powerful tool allows roofers to quickly, accurately, and easily measure roofs for their projects.

Is Roofr Beneficial to Roofers?

 The only roofing software every roofer needs is essential to all roofers in the following ways;

  • It’s convenient for roofers because they can do their job regardless of location.
  • Using the platform, roofers can see the building they need to roof using satellites.
  • It substitutes manual measurements, which are prone to human error.
  • It also reduces human error while estimating a project.
  • Roofers can get referrals from previous customers. This helps in getting new customers and expanding your roofing business.
  • You’ll be able to view roofing warranties in detail.


If you want to offer top-notch service, you’ll need to make use of the best software available. Personally, I recommend Roofr, as the software is cheap, user-friendly, efficient, and helps you finish your tasks faster. It offers comprehensive features, all in a single platform.

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