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What Is SOC and Why Do Businesses Need It in the Post-COVID World?

If you run a business, you have likely come across the term Security operations center. Perhaps you have one already but are looking to upgrade, or maybe you’ve just heard the term thrown about and are looking to find out more about what it involves. No matter what it is you’re after, we’ve put together a handy guide that should inform you on everything you need to know about a security operations center (SOC.)

What is SOC?

SOC stands for a Security Operations Center and is essentially a centralised business unit that deals with the security of a company on both a technical and organisational level. It consistently monitors and keeps track of users ensuring that if there is any exposure to threats, the company is protected. This can help to avoid any unwarranted attacks or cyber security risks. A SOC essentially acts as a central hub that keeps an eye on all of the IT infrastructure of your company. This includes all devices connected to your business, networks, appliances, and other information sources that you use. There are a host of SOC benefits that you need to be aware of and once you have it, you will wonder just how your company used to manage without it.

Why do businesses need a SOC?

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What with the Covid pandemic, there have been more people than ever working from home or remotely. This could include in places such as coffee shops or shared coworking spaces where the wifi might be insecure and they are at a higher risk of an attack happening. Because of this, it is more important than ever to have a SOC. Some of the main reasons a SOC can help includes:

It can detect a breach before it happens: A security breach or attack can be highly detrimental for a business and cause you to have significant downtime. You could not only lose valuable data but also a lot of time spent trying to rectify the damage that could have been spent making deals or doing other business for the company. If a breach goes undetected the damage can be much larger than if it is detected before it manages to infiltrate your system and cause any potential harm.

It can see if there are any vulnerabilities in your current system: As well as identifying breaches when they happen, SOC can also do an analysis of your current security measures in place and see if there are any immediate improvements that might be needed. This means you can get them rectified before anything happens, saving a lot of time and money.

These are just a few reasons why you need SOC in a post-Covid world and how valuable it can be for your company. In a time when more and more business is done online, it’s never been so important to make yourself protected from attacks or threats. Make sure you always keep your systems up to date and give your staff proper training so they know how to identify potential threats.

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