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What Will the Future of Slots Look Like?

It is no secret that both online and offline casinos are doing everything in their power to attract new players and retain active ones. The competition in the casino industry is fierce, and every new customer is extremely valuable. Therefore, operators need to think outside of the box, look ahead into the future, and offer something that no one else does.

In high-profile online casinos such as Prime Slots UK, online slot machines are by far the most popular games. They are created by a countless number of software providers who are racing to make the best one. They usually promote their games by implementing engaging and generous bonus features and special offers. But will the same principle be used in the future? What can we expect in a couple of years regarding the technology and the mechanics of slot games?

One of the directions slots might take is virtual reality or VR, so let’s take a closer look at that.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a computer-simulated reality you enter by wearing a special gadget called the VR headset. There are different types of VR headsets already available on the market, all of which have different capabilities. Some of them are just projectors in which you place your phone and play VR-optimised videos. Others are much more sophisticated and they run on their own.

Users are able to interact with their environment in this computer-simulated reality by moving their heads around, giving voice commands, and so on. So how is all of that relevant for online slot games?

What Are the Advantages of VR in the Casino Industry?

In recent years, mobile gaming was the main focus of most new online casinos. If you take a look at new slot sites on Slot Spinners, you will see that we have a point. Online casino websites are optimised to run seamlessly on all mobile devices and provide an on-the-go experience. Moreover, there is usually no need to download an app, so the process of playing is as simple as it gets.

The technology and the concept behind virtual reality have all of the advantages of mobile gaming, but VR makes mobile gaming even better. Mobile gaming lets you have the experience of playing in a real casino wherever you go, but virtual reality lets you become part of it.

The VR headset is small and can easily fit in an average bag or a backpack. Once you put it on, it eliminates most stimulants from the outside world, including sounds. Therefore, you can truly forget about your real environment and imagine you are sitting in a real casino, spinning away at a slot machine.

What Features Will VR Slot Games Have? might not be aware of it if you are not an avid slot player, but VR slots are already here. Several software providers have started making them, including the famous NetEnt, and they are available in some online casinos. You can play them either by using the Oculus Rift goggles or in a PC 3D setting without goggles.

For example, one of the games you can play in VR is Gonzo’s Quest — a slot that was already one of NetEnt’s most popular slot games. This game now offers 360-degree views and lets you interact with your surroundings. You can open various menus to see the paylines, settings, and learn more about the bonus features. Everything’s in the open, so you can simply turn around and find everything you need. Instead of the spinning reels, this VR version has blocks of symbols that fall from the sky.

In the future, VR slots will probably allow us to walk around, talk to characters in games, as well as complete missions and various tasks in order to collect additional prizes. We have to wait and see, but we won’t have to wait for too long.

Artificial Intelligence and Slot Games

Artificial intelligence and casino games are inseparably linked together. Without artificial intelligence, there would be no slot games as we know them today. It is predicted that slots of the future will rely on artificial intelligence even more. They might have realistic characters you can talk to, or much more engaging bonus features tailored to your personal preferences with the help of AI technology.

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