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Top 10 Hobby Learning Platforms You Must Checkout

Each one of us has some reason to drop out of our hobby classes. The same applies to the kids as well. And especially in India, even before parents enroll their kids into a hobby class, they know that their kids are not going to pursue it for a long time.

It might sound harsh but earlier hobby classes were treated as fillers to keep the kids occupied till other priorities such as higher studies, work or family responsibility takes over. However, now times have changed.

Parents have begun to wake up to the numerous benefits that hobbies bring about in the overall development of a child. Hobbies don’t distract them from their career goals, rather, they enhance their abilities and mental strength.

With the best of top hobby learning online platforms facilitating seamless knowledge-sharing in diverse skills, crafts, and disciplines from the best teachers from across the world, curricula of the best of the universities and Gharanas, across all time zones, now there would be no reason for you to give up your hobby.

In this article, we bring to you the Top 10 chartbuster online hobby learning platforms that you can sign up for without giving a second thought to it.


Udemy has developed a credible brand recall for providing pre-recorded world-class courses in diverse disciplines. It provides a commendable compilation of a huge knowledge base from highly qualified and experienced teachers from around the world.


  • Diverse disciplines and sessions addressing different age groups of students from across the world.
  • Addresses self-learners or skilled people who wants to upgrade their knowledge
  • Pre-recorded curriculum from teachers and professionals
  • High-level education is available at an affordable price point
  • Constantly researching and upgrading the courses, connecting with new instructors and teachers to make world-class education available to the students.
  • A good platform for teachers for sharing their knowledge

Incepted in 2010, helps children and adults from all over the world to pursue their hobbies through online live classes in an one-to-one interactive class with the instructor. It is one of the best websites for hobby learning that is favored by teachers and students alike. It is the kind of hobby learning platform for kids that is preferred by the parents of small kids and beginners who need to be observed by the teacher and appropriately corrected at every step.

Highlights –

  • A curated panel of mentors across all disciplines from India and abroad.
  • Individual, interactive, online classes through a technologically upgraded platform
  • An exhaustive list of hobbies and curriculum from the best Universities and Gharanas.
  • Subscription-based, flexible payment structures
  • Pre-enrolment virtual interaction with the mentor
  • Excellent platform for teachers to connect with avid learners and manage their businesses better.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy

Do you want to go ‘breathless’ with swag? Then this is the place to be. An initiative by Singer-Musician Shankar Mahadevan to provide a platform for music enthusiasts across all age groups to learn Indian classical music.


  • Instructor-led online vocal music classes
  • Self-study programs and practice tools available online
  • Access to pre-recorded sessions
  • Courses available for schools and corporates


Started their journey by providing online music classes in 2006, Takelessons, today connects students with their mentors from across the world for a multitude of courses that include both hobbies and academics. It provides personalized online hobby classes for children, housewives or professionals who want to engage in something creative at the end of the day. Though it provides academic tutoring as well, it is one of the most favored hobby learning platforms online for students.


  • Both online and local classes
  • Live online classes
  • Courses customized as per the need of the students
  • An exhaustive list of courses to select from.
  • Different Session durations to choose from
  • An excellent technologically upgraded platform that facilitates seamless knowledge sharing experience for teachers and students


Teacheron started in 2013 as a free platform for teachers and students to connect for online or local classes. Unflinching commitment towards getting the best teachers and best quality in the courses, they are fast emerging as much sought-after learning platforms for both teachers and students alike.


  • Verified background of teachers
  • Opportunity for interacting with three teachers for free
  • Inclusive principles to bring together students and teachers from remote parts of the country.
  • Focuses on bringing the best learning experience for students and the best working environment for teachers.


Frontrow helps the students to learn from pre-recorded sessions from their favorite celebrities. From vocal music to music composition, from sports to filmmaking, Frontrow helps students to learn the nuances of their dream vocations.


  • Celebrity instructor
  • Specific skill-oriented courses
  • Unique and aspirational vocations such as rap, comedy, and DJing
  • Affordable fees


Started in 2013, Superprof has had an enviable growth trajectory both in terms of users and courses. The online learning academy brings a diverse range of courses starting from hobbies and professional courses to academics and sports. They connect teachers and students across 36 countries.


  • A well connected online knowledge-sharing community
  • Wide range of courses catering
  • Information sharing via social media groups
  • Safe and secured payment methods


Tonebase claims to democratize the high-level knowledge base of instrumental music that was earlier accessible only to a selected few who had high proficiency in music and funds to afford such exclusive music education.


  • Pre-recorded sessions by renowned musicians and teachers from the best music schools from around the world.
  • A wide curation of sessions for guitar and piano
  • Best suited for intermediate or advanced learners to pick nuances from sessions led by the best teachers


Beamusician helps music enthusiasts from around the world access high-quality music videos to learn the nuances of music. The platform provides pre-recorded sessions by several well-known musicians that students from any part of the world can access at their convenient time.


  • A wide range of curated music learning sessions
  • Facilitates online music learning for the student from anywhere and anytime
  • Courses designed by renowned musicians; put together and facilitated with the help of upgraded technology.


Skillshare is a well-known name when it comes to professional courses and hobby classes. It offers pre-recorded sessions from strategically designed courses across diverse disciplines. It is a very popular online learning platform that is favored by students and professionals alike.


  • Certified courses for diverse disciplines
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • A resource full knowledge base that is upgraded regularly.
  • Affordable course fee.


Several online hobby learning platforms which provide online music classes, online guitar lessons, online yoga classes, online cooking classes etc. have facilitated good knowledge-sharing opportunities for students from all over the world. Further, aided by upgraded technology, e-learning platforms for hobbies are becoming more specialized, personalized, and accessible by students.

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