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The 10 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Footballers Waste Their Money On

Want to know how the world’s biggest footballers splash their cash? We’ve got the lowdown on how football megastars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Zlatan spend their money.

From renting private islands to buying cars made of solid gold, there’s no shortage of excess here!

To be honest, many of these big spenders haven’t been too imaginative when it comes to putting their fortunes to work. It’s pretty easy to see the likes of Zlatan spending a couple of million renting a private Swedish island teeming with wild boar. Similarly, it’s no stretch of the imagination to find Cris-tiano Ronaldo splurging a good £4 million on a golden Lamborghini.

What we really like is when footballers show their more eccentric sides when spending their pocket money. Yes, we mean Mario Balotelli thinking that body-wrapping a Bentley in army camouflage was a good idea. Then there’s Djibril Cisse making the unlikely leap from being a dynamite striker to ending up as lord of the manor in his own stately home in Cheshire.

The way that these football gods spend their money tells us a lot about their inner psyches too. Take Gareth Bale, who turns out to be a real sweetheart by renting a private island when proposing to AND marrying his wife. Or there’s Lionel Messi who appreciates the quiet life so much that he paid off his noisy neighbours a cool £5 million just to get them to move away from him.

Whether it’s Ronaldinho spending around the average UK salary getting his teeth fixed, or El-Hadji Diouf splashing out on a golden Cadillac, it seems that these footballers are unafraid to flaunt their wealth. The good news is that with player wages rising to frankly ridiculous levels, it looks like we’re only seeing the start of some seriously frivolous spending!

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