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How AI (artificial intelligence) and Online Software is Making Video Creation Easy

Artificial intelligence (AI) has demonstrated some well-known behaviors associated with human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, planning, problem-solving, and knowledge representation.

This so-called human behavior is ubiquitous today, and is being used all around us. Such examples of this can be seen through virtual assistants that help recognize a photo or detect a credit card fraud, not to mention the “Alexa” or “Siri”.

It is clear that artificial intelligence is not stopping at these commands only but also venturing into areas associated with creativity and social intelligence.

With content creation and video on the minds of all businesses and brands today, it’s important for us to explore the many new opportunities and trends in the world of AI and video as well. And that’s exactly what we will be covering today.

How has AI made it easy to DIY videos?

AI is not only helping video marketers make an impact on social media platforms but also offering support to online platforms for creating a great product explainer video.

Let us take a close look at the new trend of AI-powered online software, making video creations easy.

Till a couple of years back, most online software available for making videos were restricted only to small media filmmakers and amateurs. These automatic video creation tools were hardly suitable for storytelling videos.

With the growth of social media platforms and corporates resorting more to videos for marketing, training, and corporate communications, the focus has shifted. Many software companies are now providing B2B and B2C business models to corporate customers and individuals to produce high-quality videos on their online platforms.

One can easily make simple training or learning content videos using online software. This software takes the help of artificial intelligence to convert text to videos and edit them and even create background soundtracks for silent videos.

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High-Quality Explainer Videos

With these amazing online tools, there is no need to take the services of a video production company. One can simply create entertaining videos which explain a product or service with moving images that communicate more effectively with the viewers. Exciting video content can make a great investor pitch to the audience or potential customer.

Also, a presentation to the boss or the employees with video content thrown in can create a significant and lasting impression. The advantage of creating serial videos that are original and creative can come cheap with a monthly subscription instead of paying fees to video production companies for each video. The monthly subscription provides tools and guidance on making a video and access to a database provided by the online software that contains movie clips and animating photos and images.

Of course, it is important to know what one wants to say or how one wants to say in a video that matters. In the absence of this raw material, even the best software will not churn out innovative explainer videos.

With any online video software or video maker solution, there is usually a balancing act between a set of AI specifications that ranges from being too rigid to the user (all videos look the same in the end) and complete creative freedom in visual and narrative content.

This, in a nutshell, means

  • Online video is as good as the content input.
  • The majority of online video software is an explainer video software
  • Nearly all platforms are in English, or can be transcribed into different languages
  • Many programs use artificial intelligence that provides formats for content creation and illustrations based on text inputs or automatic off voice creation.

A great product explainer video is made up of many different parts, while also being professional, educational, or personal communication at the same time. They can also have a huge impact on the audience with its engaging and straightforward style. The power of storytelling on videos aided by impactful visuals and images can stay in mind for a longer time. Online video makers such as Simpleshow and many others have made corporate communications easier with their high-quality animated videos.

While most suppliers of online video software are available only in English, AI comes to the rescue where advertising or the self-descriptions of the content creators are translated independently.

How is AI Changing Video Content Creation

Machine languages (ML) have vast capabilities, which are still unexplored for their massive potential. So far ML inspired artificial intelligence has been restricted to data security, fraud detection, financial trading, and healthcare but some of the significant advances made in the digital world of advertising and marketing is the ability of AI to understand the patterns of consumer behavior. Be it any product segment; AI knows which aspect to personalize and market the content based on a particular brand watch history.

For example, YouTube created a new mobile design for its home page with significant AI inputs that revolutionized video creation. So, suppose one is creating videos that have plenty of subscribers. In that case, the AI will use the algorithms to showcase similar videos on such platforms and encourage creators to produce on the same lines.

Anyone familiar with deep neural network technology, a type of artificial intelligence that allows a computer to learn without explicit programming will understand how it can change accordingly when exposed to new data, similar to how the brain works when exposed to something new. So, if one finished watching a video on YouTube and another one thanks to related videos that appear as a recommendation at the end, one has already benefited from the AI-powered prediction engine.

So how should one optimize their video based on Artificial intelligence-based reports, which are popularly known as YouTube analytics? To take advantage of the machine learning techniques used by YouTube, it is important to know the nitty-gritty of analytics.

For example, a content creator can plan his video contents based on the

  • Watch time report – it tells which video content was watched the most
  • Audience retention – identifies which videos had low view rates and provides inputs on why audiences are abandoning videos midway.
  • Audience engagement reports – tell which video content drives the audience into liking, commenting, and subscribing to them.

Apart from the reports, video content creators can also take advantage of specific techniques such as attractive thumbnails, descriptions which the algorithms show as the first thing to the viewers.


When combining the power of an online software video maker and artificial intelligence, you can immediately see the many benefits and how this can help a content owner make innovative and quick videos.

They know which techniques are required for effective editing, branding, and packaging of the content that makes the video engaging to the audience. This coupled with algorithms and analytics reports, helps one understand what content will work and what will not.

With all of this in mind, before creating your next video project or content for your site, be sure to consider your options with a video maker and what’s now possible through the use of AI.

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