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7 Exceptional Reason Why You Need To Mind Your Website Speed

In the 21st century, having a website is not optional. Whether you are an enterprise or small business, your online presence is the new norm. People are no longer willing to visit your stores. Even though they will come, their first step is to learn about you online.

However, you can have a website that has zero impact on your business. The number of visitors on it is less than 100 per month. You have zero conversions in 6 months or even a year.

Wondering why this is the case? The simple answer is your website speed. Your site might be taking forever to load. Even with the best offers and website designers like SiteCentre, the loading speed is crucial. Here are 7 exceptional reasons why you need to mind about your website speed.

Limited visitors’ attention span

Instant results are the new norm. People have a short attention span in anything. When they feel it will not benefit them, leaving is their next course of action. This is no different in the internet world. Your site visitors have a short attention span. No visitor will wait for a minute for your site to load.

In essence, the maximum attention span for site visitors is 8 seconds. If your site takes more than this duration, you are likely to experience an increased bouncing rate. As such, ensure work on your site speed to avoid such encounters. You can employ these website performance tips to adjust your site loading speed.

The powerhouse for the first impression

A first impression is crucial in every aspect of your life. This aspect is the backbone of your audience perception. When a visitor lands on your website, its speed is the ingredient of their judgment.

A fast loading site will result in a positive first impression. The opposite is true also slow loading sites will lead to disappointment and negative impression. An impression will determine whether your will secure a sale and establish a long-term relationship with your customer or not. So, if you want to win customers and first-time visitors, work on your site speed.

The human desire to be in control

Every human’s desire is to have control over what they do. Being in control enhances your satisfaction and calmness. When something seems to get out of control, people tend to give up on it.

Slow site speed equates to some level of control loss. A user will feel satisfied when they can complete a task on your site without delay or waiting. For this reason, you need to give your site visitors control by ensuring it has a fast loading speed. You can consider working with web design experts like SiteCentre to help you realize this goal.

The backbone of user experience

Imagine waiting for a website to load for ten minutes. How would you feel? Certainly, disappointment and frustrations will be the norm. User experience is crucial in the virtual space. How your site visitors feel determines whether they will continue navigating or leaving is the best option.

The user experience of your site is proportional to its speed. An audience will have a poor experience when your site has a slow loading speed. You will gain high traffic and user engagement with a superb website speed. As such, improve your user experience by boosting your site speed.

Conversion rate determiner

Today selling online is the secret to boosting your business revenue. You need to reach out to your customers by offering a virtual shop. Your site is the virtual door to your company. How you will receive them has a role in their next course of action.

Take your site as the site as the reception point. Its speed is like how the customer staff. If the customer service agents are slow, the client is likely to leave your business without completing their transaction.

This incident will occur when you have a zero-loading page. No user will wait for an hour for a webpage to load. They will click the red X button on the top right corner and proceed to the next site.

This way, you will be losing potential customers to your competitors who understand the essence of a fast loading site. You will increase or lose some revenue by increasing your site speed by a second. So, if you want to harness your conversion rate, work on your site speed.

It impacts your Google rankings

No doubt, every site owner is competing to be on Google’s first page and position. Being here comes with trust, authority, and enhanced conversions. However, it is not an easy journey. With millions of websites competing for the same positions, you will be lucky to land here.

Nonetheless, you can make Google crawling bots fall in love with your site. One aspect to woo them is working on your site speed. Google loves speed loading sites. In essence, it is one of the basic SEO elements. Fast loading pages will always have high chances to appear on the search results regardless of their content quality.

As such, when working on your user experience and design, always prioritize your site speed. Slow speed kills and is an enemy to Google.

Determines future referrals

Certainly, users are the best ambassadors for any site owner. Whether you offer online services or sell products, your customers will provide free marketing through referrals. When a user gets an amazing experience on your site, they are likely to return in the future. This is not all. They will also recommend it to their friends and peers.

One way to win such referrals and recommendations is the loading speed. Do not expect referrals if your site has a tortoise or chameleon loading speed. Rectify such issues by engaging web experts such as SiteCentre. Remember, Fast speed equates to more referrals.

Wrapping up

As you can see, your website speed is essential. You need to have a fast loading site to succeed in the virtual space. Consider working with a web developer or designer to help you enhance your site speed if it is slow.

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