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Best Language Learning Apps In 2021

If you want to learn a foreign language, there is nothing that can stop you from this, except your own laziness and lack of goal and motivation. There are so many ways and methods to learn a new language that sometimes it is even difficult to choose among them. But if you really do not have too much free time because of work, children, or other important stuff in your life, you can easily turn your smartphone into your language learning device. 

All you need to do is to choose the best language learning app for you. According to ComboApp education marketing agency, there are more than 500,000 educational apps available on the App Store and Google Play. The market is huge and the choice can be difficult, but we have chosen the list of the most effective language learning apps that will make the learning process interesting and filled with knowledge. 

When choosing the most suitable language learning app for you, you need to pay attention to some important things:

  • Effectiveness. There is no sense in spending hours with a language learning app that doesn’t improve your skills.
  • Usability. People do not like to go through a big number of tutorials and instructions about how to use certain software. The application should be easy to use and understand. If it works without any bugs and problems it motivates its users to come back.
  • Value. Here you should choose the plan which suits you. Some people prefer to pay a monthly subscription, some would like to pay a higher cost but only once and for the whole language course. Most apps have a trial period. Try and see what you prefer.
  1. Encore!!! The perfect condition to learn a foreign language as quickly as possible is to travel to the country where your target language is spoken. Most people do not have the possibility to leave everything and go on such a trip. Encore!!! app can help you immerse yourself into your target language environment, while you drive, walk, clean the house, or do other stuff. It supports 12 languages so far, including Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic. 

You can create your own playlists and even add more content to improve your language skills even more. The price of the app is 49.99 for the whole plan of one language. The good side is that even if you had to take a break in the learning process, you just return back to it without the need to pay again, while in most other apps people have to pay each month.

  1. Memrise. The main feature of this resource is helpful in quick learning of words, increasing vocabulary. The method of learning is one of the most effective and most progressive. It is less sensitive to study 10 to 50 words a day, but it depends on the age, abilities, and strength of a person’s memory. It is better to study every day, then the stronger the words will stay in the memory for a long time. 

To master each word that is studied, a kind of statistics is kept. It has been proven that you can learn two languages at the same time. In fact, Memrise is imprisoned for learning and memorizing words. If your goal is to gain words quickly, then this project is for you.

  1. Duolingo. This app has a nice advantage. It is much better to learn from scratch, or even from the language skills you have already, that is why you should pass the test before you start. This project has everything you need to learn a language: memorizing words, sentences, constructing sentences, translating in both directions, choosing the right options, listening to choosing the right word or sentence, and reading to the microphone to check what is heard or written, choosing the right words for the photo, etc. 

In fact, Duolingo is imprisoned for language learning in the complex. Duolingo is divided into lessons, with each lesson consisting of exercises for speaking, listening, translating, and multiple-choice tests. One of the features of Duolingo is trial and error. You can immediately see which tasks you have completed correctly. If you have not completed the task, you will be given tips on how to improve the results. Learning with Duolingo is fun and exciting. You earn points for solving problems correctly in the allotted time.


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