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Why do Office Buildings Need a Security Turnstile Gate?

As we know, office buildings have frequent personnel access and intensive commuting. During the epidemic period, it is more difficult to manage the entrances and exits, but it is more troublesome to rely on human management. Therefore, we need the assistance of some security management equipment, which is very helpful for the construction of intelligent office buildings, especially the integration of access control, visitor, attendance system, and other software combination.

For the construction of intelligent buildings, entrance and exit management, we recommend that the security turnstile doors management of office buildings is more reasonable, because there are more gate interfaces, more modules, and more personalized customization.

After the installation of the turnstile gate for office, the management of the entrance and exit is just like a tiger adding wings, which makes the building management more intelligent, data-based, and humanized, improves the safety management level of the building, and saves the labor-management cost of the building. If you need different types of security turnstiles from Mairsturnstile, please go to our website to choose the best one for your project.

For the office building of the same enterprise, the partition between various departments may also be used. If it is a landmark building, attracting investment and settling in multiple enterprises, then the personnel access is more complex. If the commuters are frequent and intensive, the building management is very difficult. 

Instead, the security turnstile gate is used for entrance and exit management, which greatly reduces the difficulty, and the pedestrian turnstile gate is compatible Combined with access control, attendance, visitors, strangers and other management systems to form an integrated management. This kind of gate self-service management mode has been widely used in buildings instead of manual management, which improves the management level of buildings and makes the office environment more safe and convenient.

Scene office entrance management gate is essential.

Generally, the operation is very stable, and the traffic speed is fast and convenient, easy to use.

So Why do Office Buildings Need Security Turnstile Door?

1. Improve the Standardization of Office Buildings

Face recognition technology is used in office buildings. The pedestrian security turnstile gate will record the face information of every person entering and leaving the building. Through accurate recognition, the pedestrian security turnstile door can also prevent irrelevant social personnel from entering the government unit to make trouble, and even avoid all kinds of phenomena that endanger the personal safety and property safety of the staff, greatly improving the safety of the staff in the government unit Personal safety.

2. Reduce Security and Management Costs For Office Operations

The safety and standardization of office building will be greatly improved after the application of human face recognition channel gate, and the security staff can be reduced appropriately, so that the operating cost of office building can be controlled and reduced.

Face recognition can help enterprises, easy to achieve face brushing attendance, face brushing attendance, will be one of the application trends of the future development of science and technology, and face recognition technology in the pedestrian channel gate will be able to easily achieve these functions.

3. Efficient Management of Every Person in and Out of the Office Building

The pedestrian security turnstile gate with face recognition will be more accurate and reliable in the identification of people in and out of the office. It not only avoids the phenomenon of using other people’s certificates to enter the office area of government units, but also enables the staff in the office building to avoid the embarrassment of being blocked out because they forget to bring relevant certificates through intelligent recognition, so that they can enter the attendance system smoothly And put it to work.

4. Ensure the Safety of Office Buildings

Office building is one of the places where things are easily lost and people quarrel and fight, which brings huge property and security risks to people working and living here. On the one hand, it can effectively control the number of people entering the office building, on the other hand, it can effectively refuse strangers and office building personnel to enter, greatly improving the overall quality of office building personnel; on the other hand, it can also hinder the entry of fugitives and greatly protect the safety factor of office building personnel.

In view of the need for external personnel to enter the office building, through the pedestrian access control turnstile gate on the channel control function, to control the external visitors. When there are foreign visitors, the visitors should report to the reception desk first to explain the reasons for the visit, the objects to be met and the expected time of the visit. The reception staff should contact the interviewees through the internal telephone of the building to confirm. After receiving the confirmation feedback from the interviewee, the receptionist makes the visitor card through the card issuing device, inputs the identity information (ID card or work card, etc.) of the visitor into the business card printing workstation through the special certificate scanner, and takes photos of the visitor through the high-definition camera installed in the reception area, so as to save the identity image information of the visitor into the database; According to the feedback information of the interviewees, the receptionist opens the corresponding authority to the visitors (such as elevator access control, room access control, restaurant consumption, etc.), and sets the time limit for the visitors.

When the visitor’s identity information and visitor permissions and other information are entered, the front desk will issue the permission card. Visitors can enter the building through the pedestrian security turnstile door at the entrance of the building with the visitor card with corresponding authority. At the end of the visit, the visitors go out of the building again through the pedestrian turnstile gate, and the “temporary card” automatic card receiving device is set at the exit of the passageway gate. According to the specified time and authority, the visitors insert the visitor card into the automatic card receiving device to receive and read the card out of the building. When the visitors swipe the card or exceed the authority and enter the card receiving device, the yellow light of the pedestrian passageway gate will be on and the alarm tone will be issued The staff should deal with it according to the relevant situation. At the same time, when visitors enter and leave the pedestrian passageway gate at the entrance of the building, the camera above the passageway gate also takes photos of the visitors, and records the information and saves it in the database.

Office pedestrian turnstile gate generally chooses speed lane turnstile gate and flap barrier gate, with high-grade appearance, fast passage speed and strong expansibility. The application of pedestrian security turnstile gate management in office buildings greatly improves the management efficiency and improves the overall security of the building.

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