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Manage a Building Maintenance Business successfully

Investments always come with downfalls in businesses whether that be in the form of money, energy or the most valuable of them all; time but every trade is an investment that involves risk especially a building maintenance business since the competition in the market is high and the entrepreneurial aspect of it requires some rough elbow grease.

However to kill two birds with one stone there is an investment you can make that has 0 risk attached and in fact it will definitely decrease the chance of losing all your funds and assets in your business by ensuring you make the correct decisions and you guess it, it is the investment in an assistant! A digital one. Let us do the explaining and walk you through the premium, optimal apps for your building maintenance business.

3 state-of-the-art software to invest in:


This brilliant software is the demand of the market owing to its simplistic, minimalist and yet functional design that is easy for new staff to learn and accessible for field and office staff. It also boasts a tool belt that is equipped with state-of-the-art features to aid you in solving all your entrepreneurial queries and even create better decisions!

  • Communication:

Workever has a brilliant policy of bridging the communication gap between the office and the field team so everybody stays in the loop of current and future projects. It is also extremely easy to include another customer or staff member owing to its simplistic interface.

  • Data:

This software relies on cloud-based technology that allows one to easily streamline the workflows and reduce the amount of time wasted. The app also has detailed reports and analytics regarding the different aspects of your building maintenance software such as progress and you can even download a PDF of this report for future comparisons.

  • Job Scheduling:

The intuitive functions of Workever allow you to easily schedule and assign jobs to the respective field staff in seconds flat and then using the live map and GPS you can tack your field staff and keep an eye on the downtime to maximise their earning potential!

Net Facilities

This unified cloud solution is a dream when it comes to managing a building maintenance business. It relies on customer satisfaction to boost your sales and is a one-stop solutions to all of your problems. Some excellent functions include:

  • Collaboration:

Net facilities is a centralised software for everyone on the team whether that be office staff or field staff which is why it is excellently optimised for collaborations owing to the fact that it allows multiple users in one system for better communication and coordination.

  • NOI:

Your net operating income is affected positively by this software since it allows you to create better decisions and thus increase not only your productivity but profitability as well!


Another top-class software that allows you to take control of your business insights and gives your building maintenance business the boost it needs.

  • Predictive technology:

Emaint provides detailed graph results and predicts failures so you don’t suffer in real-time. The statistics it provides are accurate and helpful to create decisions that will affect your business positively. Using this software you can create work requests and even orders at the touch of your fingers while the software also allows you to schedule and assign projects to your team thus giving you more control over your staff.

  • Interactive Management:

You can standardize your data using Emaint’s brilliant toolkit and even visualize your plans in an interactive manner to better grasp the concepts. There is also the option of tracking and managing extra assets, contractors and other important contacts in one organised system to contact them without sifting through hundreds of files.

The app even observes and tracks trends to create data reports that will help you and you can even import readings using this app! Talk about functionality. The best part is how you can check out your CMMS with just a touch of your finger!


This comprehensive guide was hopefully enough to convince you to invest in a digital software for your building maintenance business since there is absolutely no downside to it! You only gain profits from the brilliant, deductive abilities and analytical reports based on outsights and insights of the smart technology!

You also get detailed reports on your progress which will not only motivate you to reduce your downtime but also strive to be more productivity and aim for better progress! The solution to all your entrepreneurial problems is literally at your fingertips and this virtual assistant will solve them all in seconds flat! If still unconvinced then you can go ahead and check out the brilliant reviews left for these software by millions of satisfied clients who have tried and tested these apps!

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