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Published on February 4th, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal


How VoIP Service Can Make Life Easier for Indonesian Firms

Utilizing technologies in your daily business operations is necessary. Nowadays, technology is an integral part of building successful firms. Its development and innovation bring opportunities to enterprise like never before. This is why corporations should embrace them. Organizations must constantly improve and evaluate their whole system.

One of the technologies that is able help improve your communication strategy is through the VoIP phone system. Unlike traditional telephones where you need a landline or other bulk hardwares, business VoIP phone service allows you to make calls easily via internet connection.

This alone will instantly change your whole strategy as it reduces all the limitations of a traditional phone. Your team doesn’t have to rely on a hardware to make or receive calls. Your firm’s communication flows suddenly become more simple than ever. Here’s how VoIP can help you run your business easier.

What are some advantages of VoIP?

Easy and effective communication is the foundation of a good company. If your employees couldn’t efficiently have conversations with each other, especially across departments, it is going to cause some obstacles along the way.

VoIP has features such as conference calls, making it possible to communicate and distribute information in a large group easily and quickly. As the technology is accessible in multiple devices, it is not necessary to always hold face-to-face meetings every time you have to discuss something.

Especially in this middle of a pandemic like today, it is particularly important to find a tool that manages to accommodate your team communication needs effectively. With Voice-over Internet Protocols, you’re able to simply have an online meeting to talk through urgent matters with just a click away on your laptop or mobile device without decreasing your team’s productivity. It also definitely will help your sales team to be more available to clients or potential customers’ calls.

As it mainly relies on the internet to work, you just need to invest in a good internet network and minimal equipment instead of spending your budget purchasing plenty of hardwares and installing phone lines. So it is a very budget-friendly arrangement for your firm.

Another benefit from this phone system is it provides clear high quality calls so your dialogs won’t be disrupted by bad signals or unclear voice. No more ambiguous and confusing messages that hinders your organization’s productivity.

What is cloud based telephony?

Part of the structure you should also consider to use is cloud based telephony. It is a hosted PBX powered by VoIP that offers unified communication through a third party provider. These two terms are often exchangeable. Cloud based telephony basically has the same features and benefits VoIP has. The difference is cloud based telephony was taken care of and run by a third party while Voice-over Internet Protocols is run directly on-site.

Cloud Telephony vs VoIP

So which one should I choose? If you just started running your business and have no experience in running a VoIP, cloud telephony is recommended for you as it is mostly managed by a third-party so you won’t require any additional IT staff.

However, if you own a growing enterprise with several branches or offices, a custom function for your operations is required. This is where VoIP came in. As it is operated on-site, you can easily manage it and adjust it to your needs.

Whether you’re considering a cloud telephony or an on-site system, Zorra can help you improve your communication strategy to become more seamless and accessible.


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