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Published on December 4th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Tips to Get Instagram Story Views

The Instagram story feature is used frequently by everyone. When you share posts that you don’t want to stay on your profile for a long time, your followers can’t see them after 24 hours.

Thanks to the story part, there are many and fun ways to connect with your followers and get to know each other. You can run quizzes, polls, add music to your photos, and ask them to ask you questions.

For some people, the number of times their stories are viewed is also very important. They want their stories to be watched widely. Let’s learn how to increase your story views together!

1. Do Not Make Your Profile Private Account

If your account is private, only people who follow you can see your stories. If you want to be viewed by more people, make your account public.

2. Use Tags

Adding hot topic tags related to the current topics in your country allows people to view you while researching the topic they are currently curious about. Among the tags they browse, they will also come across yours.

3. Add Location

Indicating your location in your photo or video allows people to view you in the same place in their own stories. Likewise, you can enable people who are curious about the place you are in to view you in their research on that place.

4. Tag Your Friends in Your Stories

If you tag your friend on the photo or video you shared in your story, the friend you tagged will receive a notification. If he/she also shares your story in his/her own story, your story view will directly increase.

5. Keep in Contact with Your Followers

As we mentioned before, you can get closer to your followers through your stories. For example, if you do a simple and fun quiz activity, people will want to answer the questions. Thus, instead of watching one or two of your stories and moving on to someone else’s, they view and interact with you.

Making polls is also one of the things that will directly increase your visibility. Everyone loves polls! As people participate in polls, your views will increase.

Just like Instagram’s test and poll feature, the question area will increase your visibility. Since your followers want to get to know you, they will definitely look at your answers to the questions. When you share people’s answers by tagging them, they also share you in their stories, thus increasing your visibility and your story views.

6. Analyze Your Followers

Browse through the content in the stories you’ve shared, then compare how many people viewed your first story and how many viewed the next. If the number of people viewing your next stories is decreasing, you are not sharing content that interests your followers. Knowing what your followers like and getting to know them is a great way to increase your story views. Analyze your statistics in a logical way.

7. Do Not Over Share

Sharing dozens of stories on the same subject will overwhelm and cause boredom. Ask yourself, “Would I like to see variants of the same thing over and over?”

8. You Can Buy Instagram Story Views

It is a great way to increase interaction with your story, for people who are not following you to see your stories and follow you, thus getting more views.

If you have just started using Instagram, or you still don’t get as many views as you want, you can buy Instagram story views. We advise you the most reliable site to buy story views, which happened to be InstaFollowers

9. Interactions Are Very Important

If you want your story to get more showed in front of people, you have to interact with people. The interaction your story gets makes your story stand out more in other people’s story section. If people don’t interact with your stories or just don’t view them, your story will lose their place in their profile after a while.

Before you share your stories, be careful to share content that can get as much interaction as possible. You can get advice for this from GrowthSilo, an Instagram growing agency.

Conclusion on Tips to Get Instagram Story Views

In this article, we told you about tips to get your Instagram story views.

We hope we were able to help.

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