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Lat Pull Down Attachments For Weight Benches

Lat pull-down exercises have one major purpose; to improve the strength of a group of muscles called lats, mostly known as Wings. Scientific name Latisssimus dorsi.They are among the largest muscles found in the lower back. During lat pulldowns, the muscles stretch out laterally.

Lat pulldown attachments are a good addition to weight benches and if you are looking for a new one, check out Lifestyle Reviews for their expert overviews of the best products! Occasionally doing lat pulldowns has great benefits to your body. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Upper body strengthening.Helps you to develop that coveted “V” back.
  2. Prevents back injuries, which in turn reduces the chances of you experiencing back pains.

Now that you understand what lat pulldowns are and their importance. It’s critical to understand how to do lat pulldowns.

Performing lat Pull downs

The exercise targets both primary and secondary muscles. Primary muscles targeted; Lats. The secondary muscles targeted are; Core, lower back, upper back, forearms, Deltoids, and Biceps.


I. Check to ensure the Lat attachments bar is well attached to the weight bench.

II. Adjust the knee support to your liking, ensuring they make your legs feel locked in

III. Firmly grip the bar, your palms forwards facing. Also called the overhand grip. Experts recommend they be wider than shoulder-width when apart.

IV. Slightly lean back, keeping your torso straight and lifting your chest.

V. While keeping your shoulder blades together, pull the bar downwards to your chest. (Note; your elbows should move backward and not downwards the entire time)

VI. Stretching your wings (lats) and arms fully extended. Release the weight back to its former position .All the while, you should control the machine. The machine shouldn’t pull you along

VII. Repeat the procedure. At least ten reps are adequate. Feel free to do more.

Pro tips

  • Your elbows should always point to the floor, downwards.
  • Keep your upper body stationary all through
  • Apply a thumbless grip. As it takes out some of the work on the biceps
  • Your focus should be on squeezing your back muscles to achieve maximum contraction.

Getting the best lat pull down attachment for your weight bench

To have proper and effective lat pull-down exercise, it’s advisable to pick a bar that offers you a good grip .Made with quality materials, it has a longer life span and doesn’t cause stress-strain your joints. Most importantly, one that ensures you are safe during the exercise.

Simply put, when picking lat pull down bar attachments. You may consider one with:

  • Smooth Motion
  • Adequate length
  • Aggressive knurling feature or one with passive knurling
  • A strong grip.

Lat pulls down attachments bars come in different shapes and sizes. While some may be straight although and longer, others have beds at both ends.

Those with bends at their ends are preferred as they give you great ease when pulling the bar.

Other variations to lat pulldowns include differences in Weight, length, grip, and design.

The market is full of different variations of lat pull down bars. While some are durable and highly reliable, others are too smooth, while others offer a stronger grip than others.

No matter the variations, a common factor that remains constant is the great muscle training exercise they offer. Most of the lat pull-down bars are multitaskers; they consolidate other muscles other than the latissimus dorsi muscles, which are equally important, as earlier stated.

Below is a list of five of the best lat pulldown attachments you can get for effective lat pulldown exercises with the above requirements in mind.

1. Champion Pro-Style Lat Bar

The champion lat bar is made of chromed heavy-duty steel. It easy to attach no matter the lat machine.

The bar works smoothly and has a small hole in the middle. It’s in the hole that you can do lubrication of the bar.

With an overall 34.6 inches length and 32-inch distance between the two gripping edges. The Champion pro-style Bar is a good fit.

Its benefits include

  • Solid and sturdy
  • All genders can use
  • Has a good length


The bar has very aggressive Knurling.

2. Body Solid Lat pull down Bar

A multi-colored bar that is compatible with many of the pulley cables. Made of Steel (sturdy, that is), the Body Solid lat pull down bar is sure to provide a nice training experience.

Its most outstanding feature is the central rubber grip that has a swivel. The swivel has a very smooth movement. Making it one of the most loved bars by athletes and fitness fanatics.


  • Easy cable attachment
  • Moves smoothly


  • The packaging requires some improvements

3. Ivanko Revolving Straight Bar

Made of highly polished, heavy-duty steel.At about a maximum weight of 400lbs.

The bar is 36 inches in length when you include the safe rubber bumpers it has at its ends.

It provides more work out choices compared to other typical 20 or 22 inch bars. The Ivanko revolving straight bar also has a deep knurling custom grip that offers protects your hands.


  • Solid but surprisingly light
  • Smooth swivel rotation
  • Great Knurling feeling to your hands


  • Some think it’s not long enough

4. Valor Fitness MB -38 lat pull down Bar

A stunning piece with lasting steel fabrication. The Valor fitness MB – 38 lat pulldown bar is a great suit for a strong grip as it has six position rubber grips.

Weighing 10 pounds and a height of 38inches, it is a versatile machine. That will exercise not only your lats but also the triceps and biceps.


  • Durable
  • Has a nice grip
  • Rotates smoothly


  • Has a heavy lubricant coating

5. Champion Barbell Chrome LAT Bar

Providing great comfort and made of long lasting steel, the Champion barbell Chrome lat bar has earned its place among the best lat bars in the market.

Easy to attach and has a wide grip that relaxes your back and shoulders.

Muscles the bar engages include; lower and middle trapezius, serratus anterior, and obviously the latissimus dorsi muscles


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to attach


  • May be imbalanced lengthwise
  • Rough grip when knurling

All of the above lats pull-down attachment bars are powerful and are sure to deliver. Chose any of them to perform effective lat pulldown exercises with great ease.

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