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The Future of Virtual Reality Games: Escape Rooms 

From board games to 16 bit Mario and Sonic games to call of duty and then VR experiences, we have come a long way, but the recent introduction of Virtual Reality has made a prominent entry in the gaming world especially in the escape room games. 

Entrance to Hyper-realistic world:

Players can now be in a hyper-realistic world, moving in any dimension or even using their bodies as controllers. Take an example of Skyrim VR and it’s role-playing, open-world VR game where players can roam around feeling like they are the protagonists and complete specific missions to earn points.

However, another genre has taken the industry by storm, which is VR Escape room games. A true interpretation of adventurous games. It is a technologically advanced version of the escape room games where you’re wearing a VR headset. The game sound either comes from the headphones built into the Headset or Speakers. You are stuck inside a closed space where you can see a few objects and a place to escape. You can interact with certain objects in real-time, which makes the game feel more realistic and believable, well kudos to people with Claustrophobia.


In such games, the player has to solve puzzles, discover clues, and accomplish tasks. In such escape room in Glasgow, the player has to solve puzzles, discover clues, and accomplish tasks. These tasks are related to escaping the place using every possible thing. For instance, you’re stuck in a room with some furniture and a locked door. Now you open the drawer and find a paper with some numbers written on it. You look around and see a painting at an odd place. You move it and see behind there is a safe. The number on the paper is a combination that you enter into the safe for it to reveal a key that unlocks the door. The difficulty of these games vary from game to game, so do the tasks.

An adventurous Theme: Bunker Game

One such type of game is the bunker game, where some enemies inside the bunker initiated a nuclear warhead. The participants’ team has to enter the bunker and kill all the enemies to disable the warhead. Not every escape game has the escape door for an exit. 

With the VR feels, you can experience an immersive sound technology, making you feel like you are literally standing inside a bunker. Gyroscopes and sensors are so strong that turning your head feels like you are turning inside the game. How is all this made possible? We need to look into the early times of VR technology.

Early Forms of VR:

In the 19th Century, when panoramic paintings were made to make them feel more immersive, then came the Stereoscopic photos and viewers in the early 1800s. Two same images with slightly different angles are viewed in such a way that it gives an illusion of depth and feels a little more realistic, the same concept as the 3D glasses.


With that being said, we have come a long way in the VR world. A world like a Matrix is waiting ahead of us, where VR games will be so real that we will be spending a huge part of our lives inside the Virtual World. The games with graphics hyper-realistic to the extent that we will be feeling everything, a gust of wind, water droplet onto the forehead, sitting beside a fireplace, all summed up in one, you will be feeling like “Neo” from The Matrix. So, don’t wait further and book an Escape room game to get an amazing experience. 

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