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Why You Should Request a Colonoscopy From Your Gastroenterologist

Singapore, highly regarded for the great standard of medical, has these core medical specialists.


The practice of otolaryngology (or popularly referred to as the study of Ear, Nose, and Throat) includes the mastery of diagnosis and remedy for abnormalities to do with the abovementioned areas.

An individual having been fully practiced, schooled, and specialized in ENT would then be given the title of an otolaryngologist.

They are especially adept at treating issues and abnormalities that involve the ENT region, such as pituitary gland diseases and sleeping disorders like obstructive sleep apnea.

Patients should think about a professional evaluation from an otolaryngologist when looking to solve or are not sure if they are facing an abnormality akin to the abovementioned.

Conditions affecting the ear can arise at the ear’s exterior, occur in the middle ear and even inner ear. Conditions can take place because of disease, or unintentional trauma. happening symptoms include pain vertigo, hearing loss, and temporary equilibrium issues for the patient.

Nose conditions may be greatly varied. For example, a few of the most prevalent ailments such as sinusitis or rhinitis which are unlikely to end up serious. ENT specialists also identify and administer treatment to dangerous or potentially life-threatening diseases like cancers of the nasal area.

In the Lion City, Singapore, surgery in the ear, nose and throat areas is often administered to fix structural defects within the ENT region. Due to this fact, because the facial and appearance of a person has a huge overlap with common sites for ear, nose, and throat surgical procedures, some procedures in ear, nose, and throat procedures may be used for cosmetic ends.

An example of a surgery that is able to achieve both of these needs would be rhinoplasty (or in lay terms — a “nose job”). Be warned, rhinoplasty implemented for fully aesthetic goals will not be covered via insurance. In terms of outlay, you would be looking at upwards of $7500 for aesthetic rhinoplasty surgery.

Men’s Health + Women’s Health Doctor

While not technically categorized as a recognized specialization under the Singapore Ministry of Health, male as well as women’s medical clinics are distinctive in purpose because they provide a very distinct set of diseases. Sexual wellness is a rather particular market and it takes a medical practitioner who is highly familiar with the subject and the disorders that surround it to properly examine, and also to appropriately deal with the problems that arise. Mainly because of the character of the assessments, the most attention is paid to protecting discretion and anonymity, in order to guarantee patient privacy.

Frequently a medical practitioner is going to need to collect a blood sample to evaluate for specific antibodies in your blood, like in the instance of HIV testing. Many assessments are instant and can produce results quickly, some other tests and samples could possibly have to be delivered to a laboratory for even more assessment. HIV and STD screening are remarkably inexpensive in our little red dot, Singapore, charges usually remain inside of just a few hundred bucks. Nonetheless, all these clinics offer extremely particular gender-relevant expertise.

For example, men are able to opt for testosterone replacement therapy if they’re struggling with lower levels of testosterone because of drug and/or steroid old age or abuse. Pills to trigger an erection like Cialis are commonly used by men’s health doctors. Presently, non-oral solutions for ED including shockwave remedy now exist.

Female health clinics cover different services, however, and focus on services like mammogram assessment, pap smear assessments as well as yeast disease remedies. As females get older, it’s also important for them to go for mammograms to assist scans for evidence of possible breast cancer.

Females aged forty and up are highly advised to go for frequent mammogram examinations. In addition to that, it is very a good idea for ladies to opt for pap smear screening as well. Pap smears assess particularly for signs of cervical cancer tumors and is also most effectively done at the very least five days after a female’s menstrual period finishes.


These days, many individuals love to bypass the doctor’s queue and go directly to a Gastroenterologist for direct analysis of gut and intestinal issues. It will take at the very least 7 years of experience in public-private hospitals such as the NUH and Tan Tock Seng prior, before physicians deemed to possess potential that is high are able to call their selves a specialist gastroenterologist. By a massive margin, the most common type of analytical therapy which often patients inquire during the course of a visit to the gastroenterologist would be none other than endoscopy. Although it may seem frightening to have a scope put completely inside that body of yours, it’s in reality not unpleasant whatsoever Between endoscopy processes, colonoscopy ( and gastroscopy are most often requested. Every single procedure is precise in its use, enabling the health care provider to examine a specific portion of the intestinal system, wherever needed.


However, there are numerous needs that cause an individual to demand a colonoscopy. Though generally utilized to investigate for cancers of the digestive tract, colonoscopy also can furnish the physician with helpful info on your intestinal health. This will aid them in making vital decisions on how you can boost your bowel health. To be able to examine your bowels, a scope is placed by means of the person ‘s anus and with care led up the intestinal tract under the control of the gastroenterologist.

Pictures of the interior belonging to the person’s colon are next recorded through the small video camera on the front end belonging to the endoscope. These videos are then observed on a viewing display, that the gastroenterologist studies for problems in the colon.

If the doctor called for a gastroscopy, it means he’d like to inspect the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract, for instance like the gullet or the stomach. This time, however, the scope is inserted into the gastrointestinal tract via the person’s mouth and offers the physician an inner view of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach.


Both forms of endoscopies are conducted with the patient sedated and also can be finished in less than an hour. Endoscopy is a 1-day treatment and also does not require ward admission at the clinic. When deemed necessary by the physician, the expense can be claimed against your health insurance program.

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