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Published on May 13th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


How To Find Viral Content On Instagram

Many people are opting to use Instagram to boost their businesses. One of the critical factors to consider is how to grow your account by increasing your followers. Experts recommend that users must find viral content which attracts traffic, which is a sure way of finding customers. You may be doing everything else right, but if the posts do not get the required shares, likes and comments, your account will stagnate, unless you buy Instagram likes cheapest, of course.

Digital platforms are rapidly increasing, meaning that customers are leaning towards technology where they can see many products without the hustle of travelling to the physical stores. With your viral content, you can tap into this potential.

The list below comprises of tools that you can use to search and identify viral posts:

The Explore Page

Based on your niche, it is a no brainer that you will find high-quality viral content from the Instagram explore page. This is an interesting section where users can find videos and images that will motivate them to stay on the page. This kind of content has a high retention rate, so it has been allocated the explore page where you can easily find it. Remember that there are many other pieces of information in separate sections, so the explore page distinguishes viral content.

Viral Instagram Influencers

You can identify viral content using influencers, who are individuals with very dedicated followers. Some of them have established a huge following, while a section of influencers prefers a small but loyal group. Their goal is to create content that excites their audience. They select followers based on their demographics and platforms so that when the influencers produce content, it becomes relevant to them.

Therefore, some of the viral Instagram influencers will help you locate viral topics during your search. They have vibrant ideas and are always releasing perfect content which goes viral in a few hours. However, ensure you understand your audience and search for influencers within their niche. You can imagine if you are looking for viral content about meat products and you are searching for influencers dealing in cosmetics.

Use Search Tools

You could be that Instagram user who doesn’t like the hustle and bustle of combing through websites and social media platforms to find viral content. Well, there is a solution for you. You simply have to download some apps that will do the work for you.

First is Buzzsumo, which allows you to search for content from the whole web and not just Instagram alone. With this tool, you simply give a command, and the posts will show up on your screen. For example, you can set a command like “show me a video with the most likes on Instagram within the last 10 hours”, and the result will come up right away.

Another tool is Viralfindr which specifically analyzes individual Instagram accounts and content. This app will then rank them according to the engagement rate. More importantly, Viralfindr analytics will lead you to the finer details, including hashtags that are most used as well as users who are adversely mentioned on Instagram.

Batch Testing

Just like other social media marketing platforms, Instagram uses batch testing within its community. You could be wondering “what is batch testing?” Essentially, batch testing works in a way that when you put your post on Instagram, your content is exposed to a little section of followers known as a batch.

Instagram algorithms will be used to analyze your post and establish the engagement rate and amount of following. There are key performance indicators used as a threshold, and if your content meets a particular set of criteria, it moves to the next level. This process goes on as your content is promoted to reach a wider batch. Ideally, the post goes viral because it reaches a more significant number of explore page feeds.

Use Other Social Media Pages

Do not limit your scope by searching for viral content from Instagram alone. If you consider Facebook, which is the oldest among all social media platforms, there is a high chance that you will find massive amounts of viral content.

Fortunately, Facebook has various classifications of groups, implying that users can find sufficient viral content in respective niches that one would like. You must have realized that Instagram and Facebook are intertwined. This makes it even more comfortable if you want to transfer information from one platform to the other.

One more advantage is that Facebook has recently launched a video platform known as Facebook Watch. Users can dig for viral content from a plethora of videos offered here.

TikTok is the newest entrant in the social media industry, but it is proving to be a game-changer. This platform uses short videos integrated with music. Even though it is relatively young, you will not miss streams of viral content every single day.

Try Hashtags

You definitely have to check for relevant hashtags within your niche if you want to find viral content. Watch out for major hashtags because they have a good ranking. Due to their competitiveness, you are more likely to find viral content. You probably know that before a hashtag comes to the top rank, it must have thousands of comments and likes. Unless the content is catchy, there will be no positive results.

The value of hashtags is that you can create a community around them. If the hashtag is very popular, it attracts millions of users giving a perfect impression as they surf every day. As such, major hashtag feeds become hotspots for viral content. You need to do a scan of these feeds within your niche and no doubt that you will land viral content that you never anticipated.


You have sufficient avenues upon which you can find viral content. Most probably, you will be looking for viral content that is specific to your niche. The simple choice for you is to explore those major hashtags. The initial step is to put up a list of trending hashtags and follow them up regularly and no doubt that you will land some viral content. You have another alternative to use applications that do the scan for you as you enjoy your moment.

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