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How business counseling moms carry on their business post-delivery through Instagram?

Leading business owners, famous philosophers, and poets have all collectively opined that nothing should stop the course of life. It means as professionals, we have to carry on with our respective jobs, even when everything comes to a stand-still. And nothing can be a better example than the situation we are in now. The pandemic has caused the economy and professional life to slow down at some level. But people who are willing to work will always find a way. The same holds true for new mothers, who are into business counseling professions. They can carry on their job through Instagram post-delivery in seamlessly.

Instagram as a business platform

Initially, Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform! Soon, as many corporate brands and local businesses began capitalizing Instagram, people began to use it to expand their business. Moms who work as business counselors can do the same as well. It helps them to use the time they have to grab profitable business opportunities. Are you wondering how? The following ways can help:

1. Increase the Instagram follower count

Your followers are your life-force on Instagram! There are several tactics to maximize your followers on Instagram. You can use the relevant hashtags and also post relevant stories. That aside, learning about your target audience and responding to them on a competitor website, is a smart tactic as well. And since you have all the time at home, you can devote time to interact with your target audience. You could also use solutions that will boost this effort. Today, some companies help you to buy 50 Instagram likes and followers in real-time. You can opt-in for this and maximize the follower count so that your profile looks impressive to new users who visit your Instagram profile. Take time to choose these companies and then select the best Instagram likes and followers purchase package.

2. Post interesting stories

Your online users, who are yet to seek your business counseling services, will often check into your Instagram account and stories! So, ensure to share interesting and useful stories. You can share inspiring business and motivation quotes. Sharing crucial blog links is also a good idea.

3. Make the most of IGTV feature

You can use the IGTV feature to create short videos about essential business counseling topics. For instance, you can use a brief intro and touch upon topics such as:

  • How to bounce back from a business and creative block?
  • Why should you take the time to choose your business name and logo?
  • How to say no without guilt?
  • How to write a business mail effectively and grab a client’s attention?

You can address these topics and add more depending on your target clients! Once the clients listen to this, they can fix a telephonic appointment with you for the counseling and pay you online. Also, use this feature to answer some of the audience queries as well. That way, you can establish a personal connection with your audience, which will also give a boost to your business counseling business.

4. Get yourself featured in women entrepreneur channels

Instagram is replete with accounts that welcome success stories from enterprising women! It is your chance to get your business and yourself featured. Take time to search for such accounts and assess their reach. Once you’ve decided on the account, you can approach to share your story. These accounts welcome applications and entries from enterprising women business owners and entrepreneurs recurrently. It’s an excellent decision to respond in that window. That way, you make no force applications and wait for the channel to decide to feature your business consulting brand and you. They can share a post about you or use IGTV to set up a virtual interview. Leverage this opportunity as it will gain increased visibility and clients for you.

5. Discuss a book a month

There are umpteen books on entrepreneurship and business success. You can pick up a book for a month and feature that in your Instagram profile. Discuss the salient aspects of the book and the reason people and new business owners should read it. That way, your posts will have more than what your business has to offer. And this is something most people like and appreciate. You can even contact the author of the book if possible and showcase a quote or message from him. That will add value to the post. Also, your users will feel valued and know that you have an answer to most of their problems. Keep the answers brief, crisp, and informative.

Women often feel stagnated post-delivery! To make their business counseling job engaging, they can follow the steps discussed above to promote their business online on Instagram. Answering to the user and follower queries is also essential. Here you can also opt-in for auto-reply options. Instagram provides business accounts with multiple options. You need to research on the same and leverage it all.

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