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The Importance of Construction Time-Lapse

A lot of you may not be familiar with a construction time-lapse: it is a video recording of a construction process that is played at a very fast speed so as the viewer can see how a structure was constructed in just a video that is a few minutes long. In essence, it is a way to see how a building was made in 5 minutes rather than 5 months. Apart from being a piece of art and a very satisfying video to watch, a Construction Timelapse holds a lot of importance for students of architecture, engineering, construction firms and the owners of the property.

  • For the owner of a site: Imagine you have a house or building that you’re having constructed somewhere out of the country or city of your current residence, you would like to be at the construction site and supervise the work but due to some reason, you cannot go. Here if you can get a construction time-lapse of the everyday work, you will be able to keep yourself updated and have peace of mind because by watching the short video that is sent to you by your construction firm on your phone, you will know everything is going according to plan and you can immediately voice your concern if you see anything odd in the video.
  • For construction firms: If your firm offers the service of a construction time-lapse for the building that your clients want to be built, you will have a better chance of convincing the customers to choose your firm if you add a special time-lapse video of the construction work. For families, that video will become a memorial of when they got their own house built and for other companies, it will be an opportunity for them to monitor the work remotely. Time-lapse video will also ensure better management of a worksite and labor. If the manager or chief engineer has access to time-lapse videos of the process, it will make it easier for them to decide the next steps in construction for a fluent construction process.
  • For educational purposes: Students studying construction work in their engineering or architecture degrees are really benefited by construction time-lapse videos. Visually seeing the construction process that is so enriched, getting a lot of information in a short video will help them grasp the process, the steps that are taken after another and so on.
  • For resolving disputes: The construction camera can also act as a CCTV camera. Time-lapse videos can help the construction firm in a lot of ways, one of which is this; if a dispute occurs on the construction site or there is a breach of security, the time-lapse cameras will have captured everything which occurred on the site, within the frame of the camera.

Invest in a construction time-lapse system and you will thank yourself. After the constructional work has been completed, the time-lapse video will still serve a lot of purposes. It can be posted on the company’s website whose building was built or construction firms can use this as a marketing tool to attract clients.

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