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Keeping Track Of Instagram Analytics

The number of social media users keeps increasing with the various social media platforms. Several companies are taking their businesses online and making use of platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram is known for its visual prowess and power. It is important to make use of analytics as it will aid in increasing the brand’s visibility, create awareness, make the company grow and stand out from competitors while its selling product or services. Companies can as well make use of influencers to generate more traffic to their page, especially those with a huge fan base.

TrendHERO blog can provide brands with a list of influential bloggers that can help to trend a company’s brand name and increase the number of site visitors and keep the page engaged.

Why include Instagram into a company’s marketing schemes

Analytics is influential because they can determine how engaging a page is; from the level of interaction with a post to the number of profile viewers and other important factors that can influence general Instagram marketing tactics. It is important for companies as well to make use of hashtags that could be used to trend the brand or the content. People have to watch for the type of content they post, when to post, how often they post.

Understanding Instagram analytics

Analytics can be used just for business pages and these pages enable users to add important information related to a business-like; physical location, email, phone number or a business category. It also enables people to see the daily performance of the account including content, activity, and audience.

In the content sector, it will be easy to get an overview of the most recent activities – the number of posts and stories in the last week, a summary of present stories and the prospects of creating an Instagram promotion. This can help companies track their recent activities and how to improve what can be changed.

In the activity part, companies will find; interactions, impressions and reach. Additional things like profile visits and summary of the past week can as well be found.

  • Interactions: Page clicks and profile visits are revealed in this section as it gives an insight measure people take in an account.
  • Impressions: The total number of times all the posts for a week has been viewed.
  • Reach: Total of unique accounts that have seen the products on a company’s page in the course of the week.

The audience section reveals the important perceptions about the followers of a particular age plus the number of followers that have increased within that period. It is one of the most convincing perspectives to examine the posts as it permits the business page to view the major location of most site visitors and this serves as a guide to creating content based on the viewer’s choice.

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