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How Fleet Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Company cars, vans, lorries and even motorcycles are the backbone of many companies, especially those who employ salesmen or deliver goods/packages. But, with each mile costing money and vehicle theft on the increase – how do managers protect their assets whilst also ensuring that they’re running them in the most efficient way? Whether you are a small business with just two company vehicles or giant with a huge fleet, you will know yourself how difficult it is to keep a watchful eye on the logistics involved and even if you employ a Fleet Manager to do the job for you – no doubt they would feel the same without some assistance.

Fleet tracking – the all-seeing eye

This assistance can come in form of GPS fleet tracking which acts as an all-seeing eye; not only watching your company vehicles 24/7 but also monitoring your employees as they drive them (or not as the case may be). Stopping off for unauthorised breaks will be a thing of the past, as will driving badly and not using the most efficient routes – all of which can cost your company time, money and even its reputation. Here, we’ve taken advice from Trackershop on the 3 main benefits presented by fleet tracking.

Save time and money by driving the most efficient routes

Fleet tracking works via GPS to offer a complete telematics system including the ability to calculate the most efficient routes for your company vehicles and also to locate those vehicles at any given time. With fuel costs being a major consideration for all companies involved, small business fuel cards and GPS tracking will quickly pay for itself in the time and money it will save you. It will also enable you to not only meet but exceed customer expectations regarding delivery times; literally keeping your drivers on track. A fleet tracking system helps to create alerts based on mileage, engine and time usage and this information can help to develop a vehicle maintenance schedule where vehicles can be maintained and serviced regularly which further prevents any possible breakdowns and disruption to your vehicles timetable.

Save time and money and increase safety by monitoring drivers and their behaviours

With fleet tracking, it can literally be like you are in the car with your driver – identifying unsafe or inefficient driving behaviours including excessive acceleration, braking, cornering as well as speeding and idling. Due to these analytics, you can identify problem drivers and improve driving performance to lower your fuel bill and wear and tear on vehicles – all of which will increase your company profits. One can also implement fatigue monitoring for fleet vehicles outside cellular coverage. With employees driving more efficiently and safely you will also help to reduce the number of accidents on the road and simply by having fleet tracking; most insurance companies will offer you a lower premium too. The safety of your drivers will also have the knock-on effects of protecting any goods in their transit and if a driver runs into any problems such as traffic delays or breakdown – an alternative route can be calculated or if professional assistance is needed – the problem can be communicated to the authorities and another vehicle sent if necessary.

Save your vehicles from being stolen with anti-theft technology

Fleet tracking will quickly alert you to any unauthorised use or movement of a vehicle with its anti-tamper and anti-theft devices meaning employees and thieves will be kept on their toes. Even if a company vehicle is stolen it can quickly be located and the police involved.

With all these benefits and more provided by fleet tracking, isn’t it time you gave consideration to using it within your business?

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