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Try Fotor and enjoy amazing online image effects

The latest innovations have helped us to create lovely photos. For photo artists, it is a craft to take pictures and process them into incredible images. It used to be a cautious procedure to design beautiful and charming photos that need vision, experience, and creativity. What used to be a manual procedure has now been computerized and is simple to enhance.

With online tools like Fotor, everything has become so simple to edit photos. Even a beginner can learn how to eliminate pimple, crop photo, crease, or other imperfection on a portrait. Changing the contrast and brightness, shading, and more can enhance the image. Fotor is the globe’s most advanced photo editing software that permits users to modify their photos with an incredible array of features.


With just a click of the mouse, you can quickly turn your 100% colored picture into a high-contrast image to make it look spicier. You can as well opt for a color splash look to achieve a comparatively strange but progressive artistic effect.


Using Fotor’s online shop guide, you can put incredible captions to and within your images. Unlike conventional software which needs you to copy and paste caption with white backgrounds, these online tools feature a transparent background so that only the very shapes of the text are pasted on your picture. With this selection, the content you paste becomes part of the same image.


In some cases, you will want to edit a single part of the photo. Online tools anticipate this need and give you the ability to determine the shape of the selected item. The moment you choose which part of the picture you want to modify, all subsequent edits will then generate an effect on that part alone. It’s that simple and easy!


Do you remember your old craft lessons in elementary school and had to do a mosaic project? Well, How about a mosaic version of your image? It seems to need more diligent work only with keyboard and mouse, but reconsider. With Fotor, you can make your mosaic with just a single click and even choose the cell size for your image.


Blurred edits on a picture are intriguing, and you can intentionally create these corrections on your image if there are none to start with.  In a similar category, in the Filter option, you also discover other effect options, such as mosaic and pointillize. You can utilize the Blur choice and use it to a selected piece of your picture or the last fragment. Press the blur button repeatedly until you reach the desired blurriness level.

Shading pencil

Have you ever thought about what your image would appear if it had been drawn with colored pencils? Imagine no more with the assistance of Fotor. Under the colored pencil feature (also in Filter option), you can as well select the degree of stroke pressure, paper brightness, and the pencil width used to your image.


There are numerous effects that Fotor can offer you. To modify your image, visit free photo editor and upload your photo and do all the significant edits that you think will enhance your picture.

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