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Is Dash/Bitcoin similar or different?


Birds of a feather flock together

Dash is an altcoin that formed from the Bitcoin protocol. Being an open-source cryptocurrency, it is a form of decentralized autonomous organization and is ran by a subset of users widely known as “Master nodes”. It has earned its reputation for permitting fast and untraceable transactions. It gives you the freedom to move money anywhere, anytime that too instantly and costs less than a cent to do so which does give it a huge advantage over the other cryptocurrencies.


Dash was originally known as “Dark coin” until it was rebranded in March 2015. It did duplicate Bitcoin’s existent code and even made it way better than the originator simply by addressing the issues and difficulties faced by Bitcoin’s users and enhancing their own services by adapting, analysing and providing the customer services at an upgraded and satisfying level to their customers did made it comes above others comparatively in no time. Dash/Bitcoin does have many things in common as both had been through a similar narrow path leading to being unique on their own with time.

Dash offers faster and more private transactions to users compared to Bitcoin as the latter approximately took nearly 10-minute block confirmation time whereas former (Dash) made it possible within seconds. Dash simply is appreciable and the word is a blend word for Digital Cash.

Acceptance with Appreciation

It was in the year 2017 when Dash entered into a partnership with Wall of Coins, a reputed and recognized web-based platform. The partnered entity is known to provide a peer to peer platform allowing users to buy and sell Dash with cash. Nevertheless, it offers an avenue where users are offered to buy and sell their cryptocurrency at traditional financial service institutions such as Western Union, Money gram, Wells Fargo, and Chase. Going by the report of November 2019, it clearly states Dash being on number 19 on the list of top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Buying Dash

Bitcoin/Dash does offer similar ways of buying/selling process and procedure, just to add a little, there may a slight difference depending on their nature. One of the convenient ways to buy your first Dash is to simply get it exchanged from Changelly which is an instant exchange which enables various cryptocurrencies exchanges. You should require an address where Dash can be received and some BTC/LTC or any of the supported crypto to exchange for Dash.

Words of Wisdom

As a piece of advice, never store the coins on exchanges for a long time as it a risky practice. Be careful before purchasing as everything has its pros and cons so does the cryptocurrencies however if it is brought and sold appropriately with intense knowledge of market ongoing situations or market capitalization then they can work as a wonder for you.

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