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GameCube Games: Make The Right Choice

We all remember Nintendo video games since our childhood times. Those video games were one of the favorite entertainment for children. Even now, there are many fans of retro games. If you are one of them, you can easily find a lot of nintendo gamecube roms on the internet. We prepared for you a list of the best Nintendo games which you should try next time you have some free time.

The collection of the best Nintendo games

Luigi’s Mansion

GameCube offers a fun video game named Luigi’s Mansion. Despite the fact that the game was unfairly maligned for a while, now more and more people give a good feedback about it. You will meet Luigi, who is continuously coward. The main character ends up trapped in an enormous haunted house. His principal mission is to save Mario. In order to accomplish this challenging task, Luigi has to overcome his fear and deal with the horrifying ghosts using a modified vacuum cleaner. The atmosphere of this video game is creepy. It is a very unusual style for Nintendo. You will enjoy such a new experience.

Tales of Symphonia

The main character of this video game is Lloyd, who is too much naive. His friend Colette knows this and plays well off of his friend. You will deal with terrible cynicism of the tutor Raine and swordsman Kratos. It is a real battle-hardened experience. You will surely fall in love with the cast. The game is full of battles. You can control Lloyd and his swords that can slice up numerous enemies. The game is fun and straightforward. Get ready to find yourself chasing never-ending enemies, pushing yourself for higher combos, and striving to get a lot of new special attacks. You will have to work hard to optimize your game strategy. The battles are not dull at all. Anime otaku people will like the anime-style graphics.

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario Kart: Double Dash offers a lot of improvements. You will appreciate having the choice of characters and vehicles, which is impressive. There are new weapons available. It is an excellent complement to classic games. Double Dash gets very creative. You can play with your best friend by controlling a single kart during exciting races. One player will handle the driving, while the second player will be busy dishing out the power-up punishment. The game is considered to be the best team-bonding exercise in the entire history of video games.

Super Monkey Ball

The game “Super Monkey Ball” has so many great ideas. While playing the game, you will feel like it has always been with us. Super Monkey Ball is one of the best launch titles for the GameCube. It has a lot of fans all around the world. The setup is very basic. So, you will get a ball and a monkey. There are many levels, which are mazes made out of platforms. Try not to fall off if you do not want to die. Do your best to reach the end of the maze to win the game. The reason why this game is so popular is simple – it is all about the maze design, which is excellent. You will enjoy your new cute monkey friend.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The game is all about the clean and so colorful Disney style, which will never be dated. People love its beautiful and vibrant and beautiful atmosphere, music, and graphics. You will have a chance to switch the game setting from endless pure green forest to an endless blue ocean. You will ride the horse and boats. Many video game experts claim that the formula of Zelda is immortal. The main character has a courageous spirit. His wide eyes make his expression look childish and very sympathetic. Once you reach the scene where he says goodbye to his beloved grandmother, you will surely get so much emotional, as we did.


Hopefully, you have a clear idea of which ROM you want to find. The collection of CubeGames is enormous; you should try our recommendations and continue our own research.

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