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Published on August 3rd, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


How VoIP Helps Reduce Business Costs

Business owners and managers are always looking for ways to cut on cost and stay within their budget. One expense that is likely to spiral out of control is the phone service. But despite the increasing costs, a telephone system is still an important part of your business.

Today, the phone system answers calls, faxes, acts as a receptionist, stores messages, transfer messages, and helps the business run smoothly.

However, you still need to save on costs. You can use the following strategies to save on costs.

The best way to do this is by turning to a virtual phone system. Setting up this system correctly will improve the efficiency of your phone system while saving on cost.

The voice over internet protocol systems is an affordable option today. It’s certainly the best solution to any firm that wants to reduce the cost of communications.

Although installing VoIP costs money, the benefits outweigh the funds you spend for installation. Here is how your business can save on phone costs without sacrificing the benefits.

1. VoIP Offers Free In-Network Long Distance

VoIP phone systems lower long-distance call charges by placing them via the internet. The benefits are similar to smartphones with softphone apps.

Here, the device will place and receive VoIP calls, thus avoiding the standard data charges.

If the caller and receiver are on the same interoffice network, the calling costs will be zero. However, when making calls outside the company’s network, you’ll incur some charges but at lower VoIP costs per minute.

2. Wi-Fi Helps Reduce Roaming Charges

Phone carriers apply to roam charges when you leave their service jurisdictions. For example, if you visit a different country, you’ll have to pay more to use your phone on an international network.

All you need to do is install VoIP softphone apps. Here, you will be free to use your smartphone to make calls back home without incurring further costs. So long as you have an available Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to make and receive VoIP calls.

3. Use Data or Wi-Fi Instead of Carrier Minutes

Using mobile VoIP calls allows your employees to save their carrier minutes. The strategy works for firms that prefer limited monthly minute plans.

Here, employees can use costly minutes when needed. However, employees can take scheduled calls over Wi-Fi or cellular networks where there will be no costs incurred to the carrier.

3. Deploy Data-Only Plans

As an entrepreneur, you can go further and purchase data-only phones for your employees. The objective, to maximize the use of Wi-Fi and VoIP calling to reduce traditional cellular costs. The phone functionality and call quality are comparable while the costs decline for each user.

4. Motivate Employees to Bring Their Devices to Work

As a business owner, you can consider allowing workers to bring their devices to work. Instead of buying devices, your firm will only be paying softphone apps that connect to your network. Once the employees get to the office, they’ll place and receive calls over a VoIP network.

Allowing the team to use their own devices gives them the choice and comfort of operating their smartphones. It also saves you the money you would have spent to buy these devices.


With a good VoIP service, you’ll save on cost and improve your business productivity. With this, you’ll serve your clients better.

The effective element of a VoIP call is multi-faceted. First, a small enterprise requires few landline connections to run their simultaneous extensions. All this is because VoIP uses a high bandwidth internet instead of the archaic analog system to send a message from one point to the other.

This means that the costs of installing a phone system will decline. You’ll also consolidate the voice services to a single broadband connection, per your requirements.

Furthermore, you can forward your business calls to any compatible device. All you need is to ensure that calls are routed intelligently to get to the right person.

With this, your employees will be able to answer more calls from your customers effectively addressing their concerns. This, in turn, allows you to secure more business from potential customers leading to greater financial benefits.

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