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5 fun things to do with your smartphone

The ever-evolving advancement of technology means there are more things you can do with your smartphone than ever before. You can quite literally organise your whole life from that small device – book flights and hotels, organise meetings, book gym classes and keep in touch with anyone, anywhere in the world! Here are our top five fun things to do with your smartphone.

1. Pay on the go

Forgotten your wallet? No problem! This may not be brand new information, or necessarily categorised as ‘fun’ but it sure is helpful! Although, shopping can be fun – so if you’re buying something you want, rather than something you need, you’re onto a winner.

Whatever you need when you’re out and about, ensuring you register your debit card to the wallet on your smartphone means you can avoid embarrassment when you make it to the till.

2. Play games

If it’s entertainment you’re looking for, online gaming is for you. Whether you love a bit of brain training on the go or you want to play slot games in an online casino, you have a myriad of options.

Have a shop around on the app store and do a little bit of research before you download any games. Once you’ve hit on the ones you love, you’ll never be bored again! You may even win a bit of pocket money as you go.

3. Sweat it out in a fitness class

Joining an online fitness class on your phone is a fantastic option if you can’t make it to the gym, or if the weather outside isn’t compatible with going for a run. There are apps such as Fiit where you can join either live classes or workout with trainers who have pre-recorded sessions.

Live classes are an exciting option due to the fact you can get the live class experience in your own living room. Having a personal trainer living in your phone is pretty cool, right?

4. Edit videos

If you’re filming lots of content when you’re out and about, whether that’s for professional projects, fun social media snippets, or a YouTube channel, you can edit from your phone. There are a number of video editing apps to download to your device.

Have a little research into apps appropriate for your phone model and the level of professionalism you need. If it’s just for a fun social media page you may not need something as polished as would be required for your business.

5. Control your hotel room

Did you know you can visit certain hotels where you can now download an app and manage your room controls from your device? You can even connect your phone to the television and watch your favourite Netflix films and programmes! If you’re away with work and missing your home comforts, this is absolutely ideal.

The hub by Premier Inn hotels are a fantastic example of this – you can adjust the lighting and temperature of your room all from the app! This is definitely a fun way to jazz up any hotel experience – who needs physical light switches and remote controls?!

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