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Avoid These 5 Mistakes To Keep Your Yahoo Account Safe

Hackers have become advanced with the introduction of better technology. They find intricate ways to technically cause harm to the people. Sometimes it becomes unendurable to tackle with these iniquitous minds. Therefore, it becomes essential for people to safeguard their social media accounts, especially Yahoo account.

Ignorance can lead to disaster. Your email accounts contain vital messages that might carry certain confidential or critical information. Therefore, you need to avoid the below-mentioned mistakes in order to keep your account safe.

Not creating a strong password

The only thing that can protect your confidential emails and other similar details is a robust password. A password isn’t a light thing to deal with as it holds the burden to safeguarding multiple undisclosed information. However, the foremost mistake committed by some individuals is not creating a strong password. They either use their first name or last name as the pin. Subsequently, this will be the first thing that would come into the mind of a hacker.

Avoid using the names of your family members, your pet, or even your address. Reason being, these details are easily accessible and can be misused. Therefore, combine digits, symbols, and letters while creating a password. Moreover, it’s suggested never to use the same password twice and keep it changing from time to time.

Not protecting your PC

Nowadays, wireless internet connection is used for personal computers, especially in offices and schools. No matter if you’re using a wireless connection, your data stored in the system is still at risk. If your computer doesn’t use any kind of antivirus software, then the possibility of hacking is enhanced by higher degrees. This way, neither your Yahoo account is safe nor the messages stored in that.

Sniff networks have made it possible for hackers to get easy access to your system. Consequently, always keep the WPA key on when using the internet connection. Moreover, have inbuilt antivirus software and update it whenever you’re notified. Install this software only from an official website or CD in order to play safe. However, if you ever have a hunch related to your account, then dial Yahoo customer service contact number to get the issue cleared.

Not considering email ID and password confidential

Have you ever noticed that all the official websites that deal with money always warn you about not sharing your password or email ID with any person on the phone? Reason being, these details are highly confidential and might be used against you at any possible time. If you’ve ever shared your password and email id with a stranger over the phone pretending to be a company’s employee, then the chances are that your security is at risk.

The hackers can use your account to send spam emails to your contacts. They might demand money and also send corrupt messages. If you’ve fallen in any such fraudulent trap, then actively get the required assistance to recover your account.

Using public WiFi

As human beings, people tend to get dazzled by the word ‘Free’ and when it comes to free WiFi, then happiness directly goes on cloud nine. Our only aim at that moment of time is either to update all the applications in our smartphones or download favorite video games. However, public WiFi can be a trap laid by hackers in order to catch the prey.

This method is the easiest form of hacking, and all your undisclosed data is now open in front of the hacker. The hackers conveniently collect the information sent via the network. This also includes your email account, and now, it could be misused by these wicked minds for carrying out their corrupt needs.

Choosing a common security question

When you create a Yahoo account, you are asked to set up a security question that adds an extra shield to your secret data. Now, if you set up an easy question to which the answer is even easier, then this could really be a peril for your private details. Therefore, select a question that is unique and nobody can easily guess it right.

If you’re multilinguistic, then try to frame the question and the answer in that language. English has become a very common language, which is why the answer can be identified conveniently. Therefore, try to complicate the situation for any hacker. Moreover, link your contact number as well so that you can be notified whenever your account is accessed over an entirely new device.

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