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How is Technology Influencing Classroom Education and Learning

Technology is a powerful disruptive force. There is rarely any area of daily life that hasn’t been impacted by it. While many people have made a sound argument on the need to keep technology out of classrooms in order to keep students focused. The truth is, technology and education should never be separated. While it is true that it can have an array of negative effects when wrongly applied, it has immense benefits as well when used correctly. Here are some of the potential benefits of technology in the classroom:

Teaching and learning aids

Technology can be a valuable tool for both teachers and students. Technological tools can make it easier for teachers to break down difficult concepts and ideas and present them in simpler ways for the students. Similarly, students can learn faster with the aids of some of the latest digital tools.

Since students are more likely to learn faster when all their senses are engaged, the use of smart-boards and screens have made It for teachers to present seemingly complicated ideas in a visual and engaging way for students. Digital simulations are applicable across various field and disciplines and can be valuable for turning abstract ideas into concepts that anyone can relate to.

Better preparation

Most teachers agree that the time spent in the class is actually a minute fraction of what teaching entails. A huge part of the process happens behind the scenes. A lot of paperwork and lesson planning is involved, and technology can be an ally here too. There are several software tools that can automate the entire process of creating and managing lesson plans while cutting time, improving accuracy and reducing stress for teachers.

Evaluation and assessment

Teachers also need to assess student performance and track their progress. This is an indispensable aspect of the process of teaching and learning. Teachers can grade assignments faster with technological tools. There are free essay checker tools that can be used as an essay checker or punctuation checker, as well as an effective online plagiarism checker tool to check plagiarism in your papers. There is also software for setting questions and evaluating them.

Better and faster research

There was a time students had to spend hours in the library searching through piles of books for a single reference needed for an assignment or project. Today, a student can search for information online and get millions of related search results within minutes. Yet, despite the bigger collection of information (Larger than what any single library can provide) getting answers to questions is a lot faster since students can narrow their search easily using keywords and specific phrases.

Teachers can also benefit from the ease of research as well. There is continuous assess to the latest information, which means teachers are more effective with technology than they have ever been. Less time will be spent on research leaving more room for other beneficial activities.

Learning is more fun with technology

The traditional system of learning tends to be monotonous and boring. Infusing fun into learning can improve the rate of assimilation and ignite the interest of the students in learning. There are several study apps for students that make it easy to learn ideas and concepts faster. Some apps turn study materials into quizzes, tests and puzzles, making it easier for them to prepare for tests or simply learning all that they need to know.

In so many areas, technology is changing our perceived concepts of classrooms. The use of audio and video tools for teaching has become popular over the years. This has made it possible for people to attend classes and even earn certificates from remote locations. But development in VR technology will even broaden the scope of this further. With Virtual Reality, students may be able to go and virtual field trips, get familiar with design and architecture, or even learn new skills among other potential uses.


Technology gives both teachers and students access to a world of new opportunities and approach to learning. There are virtually no limits to the potential benefits of technology in the classroom. It remains a powerful force that can make learning fun, attractive and less stressful for both teachers and student.

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