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Published on April 2nd, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Future of Augmented Reality in Gaming

Gaming is the thread of life that has always kept us stay connected with our inner child at all ages of life. Put a person on a 2-D Mario Brothers game console today and they will definitely have the experience of a lifetime!

Talking about gaming, it has come a long way from the 2-D version of Mario Brothers now. Over the years, not only the gaming industry has grown in its popularity, it has evolved so much based on the technology used. People can have a more personalized experience while playing a game, irrespective of the device being played on.

Let us take Pokémon GO as an example. The mobile device based game took off the gaming community by storm when people could actually interact with the characters in the real world. For the first time, they used the physical space around them to interact with characters in the game. This was revolutionary! The game was in the real world around us.

Why AR in gaming?

Augmented Reality helps you add a layer of digital information on top of the existing real world. This virtual information can be accessed with the help of a simple viewing device such as our smartphones. As mentioned earlier, Pokémon GO was one of the world’s first and successful AR enable games out there.

Gathering data from games such as these, combined with the general public reviews the verdict is out. People love Augmented Reality! Not only does AR-enabled games help provide a more interactive experience, but chances are also you would not be lazing around on one spot for hours if you are playing one.

Most AR-enabled games use the environment around us to generate stimuli of responsive characters and structures. This makes the experience more immersive and the retention of a gamer is increased by a much higher percentage.

What does the future hold?

Unlike traditional games, AR-enabled games bring our children back into the real world. There is a certain sense of joy and satisfaction achieved from manipulating a physical object by pulling, pinching and moving it around. AR-enabled future toys are the next generation toys which have paved the path for the revolution in gaming technology.

One such great example of an AR-enabled toy is NUBE – An AR-enabled cube by Augray. Augray’s AR Cube combines numerous AR/VR enabled Games and a Rewards system to engage customers and provide them with an immersive AR experience. It provides companies with the following benefits –

  • Interactive games – Provides a seamless gaming experience in which the mobile screen transforms the cube depending on the place, person and context.
  • Incentivized platform – Companies use a combination of in-game and real-world rewards to engage users, retain them and drive sales.

For VR Gaming PCs visit Fierce PC. Overall, the future looks bright and AR will only add to the interaction we have with our games in today’s world.

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